When will Qantas fly direct from melbourne to manila and will they ever leave terminal 1 at manila

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When will Qantas fly direct from melbourne to manila and will they ever leave terminal 1 at manila


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Oh God noel! Please not this again....you're going to get the Perth and Adelaide people upset all over again!


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Much like many other airlines that aren't 'controlled'/'owned' by a govt... QF will fly from one port to another port if/when it is commercially viable. 


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I say the following as a Melburnian who would love more international routes operating direct from our city:  I don't believe Qantas would have any intention of establishing flights from MEL to MNLCertainly not in the foreseeable future.  

Qantas has an existing SYD to MNL direct route in effect (QF19). Travellers can be very efficiently shuttled from their Australian home city, at relatively low cost, to SYD for that direct Qantas flight. In fact, most also have the option of flying direct to SIN on QF metal from their Australian city (PER, MEL, BNE and SYD), and then connect onward to MNL with a partner airline (JetStar or Phillipine Air)! Qantas has extremely good operations and facilities to funnel customers and conduct international flights out of SYD and SIN.  

From a profitibility perspective, I don't see Qantas treating MNL as a priority market. At least, not enough to sacrifice aircraft to serve on a dedicated route there. Realistically, opening new direct routes from MEL in that region would more likely target emerging business & leisure growth markets out of TPE, PVG and PEK (particularly the latter two), and upping the ante against their friendly competitor CX.  

MEL is a large city, sure and true, but international flights don't get filled by one city alone. It takes customers shuttling in from neighbouring cities, and those doing so would never relish travelling "downwards" to our southernmost international port. That's why you'll find highly popular routes (such as DXB, HKG, SIN, etc) operating from MEL, but more niche routes operating from SYD; it is geographically and technically the superior international hub.  


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For westbound flyers I would not have thought Mel was out of the way for Syd or NZ Customers. They should shuttle them all to Melbourne and have it as the westbound hub and Syd as the Eastbound hub


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I see QF running its own metal to KUL, ICN and more mainland China routes before adding new routes to MNL.

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Also, by QF putting a lot of international pax via SYD on a short connection at SYDint, they are also saving money by not having too many lounge lizards around, me being one.

If I wanted to try F, to make it the longest time possible in QF SYD/MEL/BNE F lounge, I would have to transit SYD overnight.

The first flight leaves ADL at 6am, gets to SYD a bit around 8.30am, and this does not give a lot of F lounge time in SYD, with the aim of getting the EK metal QF flight number SYD - CHC.

Even trying it out MEL - AKL F EK metal QF flight number, leaving ADL at 6am, gets to MEL at 7.30am, not enough time to get through immi processing to get the 8.45am flight to AKL.

No QF F Au to SIN, have to use EK with phone booking if coming in from ADL to transit MEL/SYD/BNE to get an EK flight to SIN.

ADL loses out, QF int wise, at least PER still has a QF 737 link to SIN, ADL has nothing, not even the JQ flight ADL - AKL, that one disappeared (too).

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