I've often noticed many Ausbt readers are pro-singapore when it comes to QF1/QF2 transiting.

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I've often noticed many Ausbt readers are pro-singapore when it comes to QF1/QF2 transiting.

To all those that prefer Singapore over Dubai, what are the main reasons?



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Singapore is better. Period.


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I think Singapore is a great place. The airport is fantastic, especially if you are arriving/departing though T3. Even at its busiest it feels quite calm. I travele dthrough a couple of times last month and went from plane seat to immigration to pick up my bag and into a taxi in 10 minutes! The Crown Plaza, accessible directly from T3 has to be one of the best airport hotels around and is great to get some sleep in between long haul flights. Immigration isn’t an issue, and if you travel to/through SIN frequently you can now apply to use their e-gates (with an AUS passport). It’s less than 30 bucks for cab in to town, where there are great food options – both hawker style and 5 star, loads of exciting new bars (One Altitude is a favourite), and it’s just a friendly easy to deal with place. Just my opinion though!! 


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You're not subject to the laws or customs of UAE.

The airport has a swimming pool.

The QANTAS lounge in Singapore is excellent.

The flight durations are more evenly split.

That's what I've found. Others may have different reasons.



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i like singapore - it always seems calmer and friendlier - with DXB being brash and in your face? but the DXB lounges take some beating - and i cant access birmingham (UK) from singapore direct unlike from DXB or CPH for that matter either without a long layover/transfering - so DXB wins my vote


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At the end of the day, Emirates can offer Qantas more 1 stop destinations through DXB than Qantas can get through Singapore... or even HKG.

Singapore is a much nicer airport though and a nicer place to visit in my opinion. Shame Qantas and Singapore didn't get married :-)


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Qantas' Singapore hub for Europe was established before the alliances started to take shape. If Qantas and SQ had formed the same cozy relationship that QF and EK have now, it would have been ideal, especially if they'd also teamed up with LH in Europe.

Instead QF teamed up with BA through London which might have worked branding wise but wasn't as practical. EK grew in the meantime, technology improved with longer range aircraft and the QF EK tie became almost inevitable.

Not sure Qatar would have offered Qantas the network ex Doha that EK does. 

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