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I used to travel with United a lot and loved their Rhapsody in Blue, hearing that on their 747's was stylish to say the least. It was consistent, and was instantly recognizable as United Airlines brand. It was classical, dramatic, sophisticated and a good theme tune.


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VA should seriously do the theme song from Jaws as you board - just would be pretty funny! 


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And for nostalgia's sake, perhaps THAT Enya tune played just once in a while.


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Some nice chill music, maybe a bit of rufus and that type


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Everything that David said in his post I concur with. Modern versions of the rat pack songs where spot on, especially in the middle of the day and afternoon/evening. Mix that with some chillout music for the 6am and after 8pm flights and that would be the perfect combo!


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Needs to be something suitable for all ages, time of day and route being flown. For instance have different music for a holiday flight to Cairns compared to Melbourne - Sydney business  flight. How about letting crew choose on each flight.Could be a lot of fun and great marketing tool! 


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I think you're missing the obvious.

"Like a Virgin." 

On Repeat. 

The whole flight.

The follow up question would be: album version or Blonde Ambition version?


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I was just on hold with VA and whatever that music is, I would not want to hear on the plane.


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Why not let crew decide on song for each flight? Could be loads of fun and great  marketing tool! For instance: cold as ice by foreigner on hobart flight, red red wine to Adelaide  and best of all theme from Sharknado on Ballina flights!


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Some other suggestions:

Darwin - feeling Hot Hot Hot,
Canberra - Blowin in the wind
Hamilton  island - Sailing by rod Stewart 
Perth - living in the wild wild west
This has so much potential  and would put passengers  in a good mood if they got a laugh on boarding!


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I like the music Etihad got composed for its rebrand. It has a nice chilled but uptempo Arabian beat that gets me into the mood for the flight:

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