ADL-BNE flights

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717 is also quieter up front than a 737...


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737 to 717 !

A first world issue - stress instead about AFL rule changes !!!


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Qantas have changed a number of flights from a 737 to a 717. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. You can tell the type of plane by the flight number, if it has three digits, it is a 737. If it has four digits that begin with a one, it is a 717.

Qantas flight numbers are in batches for different routes, destinations, codeshares, etc.
1-199 are QF operated international (odd outbound, even inbound)
200-399 are codeshare international
400-1399 QF mainline domestic
1400-2999 (IIRC) QFlink.
3000+ Charters, other codeshares, freight, positioning, etc.

QFlink, at least to/from CBR, is 14xx for a dash 8 and 15xx for a 717.


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None of the 717 routes I fly (mainly PER KTA) has business.

For non business flyers unless you are lucky enough to get row 4 in the 737, the 717 is in my experience gererally quieter and more comfortable (though the back rows sound pretty noisy when one ventures there.)

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This whole discussion about comfort levels of the Boeing 717 versus the 737 is a "storm in a teacup". Both aircraft offer basically the same level of comfort. I suggest that there are more important aviation issues to concentrate upon, rather than a silly, even petty issue like this one!


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717 flights please spare me I have lived with this from Hobart for a number of years and regarded it as a second rate service. Reliability of plane was poor and we did not have engineers here in Hobart so more times than not flights were cancelled. Also the 717 was flown by Qantaslink who use contract crews that were certainly not of the same class service, then the business class seats were something from the dark ages.

My recommendation is if you see 717 change your flight if in business class.


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I have flown Business in the QF 737 several times, both domestically and trans Tasman. Until recently I had only flown the B717 in economy, both with QF and Hawaiian. During the recent 50% bonus QF status credits I flew Sydney to Perth in J via Adelaide, First leg on a 717 and second leg on a 737. At 187cm and 105kgs I felt the 737 was significantly better both in terms of service and seat width to the point where I might not fly J in a 717 again unless someone else was paying.


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They did it to me in July Perth to Broome. Notified me that the departure time had changed by 5 Minutes but omitted to mention we had been moved from Business class to an all economy 717.


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Nothing wrong with the 717! The business class product is comparable to the 737.

The main differences seem to be in the seat hardware - width of 20" vs 22" in the B737, and you get an iPad instead of having a built in seatback screen.


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I’d take the pocket rocket any day over the boring 737.


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Just been advised of change to flight tines for Nov 29- and notice that direct flights are now in a 717- pretty cheesed off as I booked way back in business on the usual 737.

Why would Qantas change? Probably time I changed from Qantas if that is the way they treat us!

Nothing wrong with the 717 dude


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Good afternoon all,

If I may be so bold...

If you want to fly on a Qantas flight, that would be a qantas aircraft, crewed by qantas pilots and qantas flight attendants and maintained by qantas engineers then I suggest you fly on the A380, B787 (qantas livery), A330, the last of the B744’s, B737 or Dash 8.

Any other aircraft whether painted in qantas colours or not is a contractor to Qantas.

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