Qantas cracking down on carry-on luggage

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So it’s a weight issue rather than an actual size issue then, did they measure the size of the bag or just weight it, some people walk on with a very large roller that could be well within the weight limit if it only contained clothes and still have a heavy laptop bag or handbag seperate, it all seems inconsistent.

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Don't forget that QF cabin luggage allowance includes a 2nd bag, "such as a handbag, laptop computer, overcoat, small camera", for almost all their flights, for all cabin classes and passenger status. Exceptions are for the Dash 8 and destinations like Lord Howe Island. Other airlines that permit that 2nd bag specify the dimensions as being 40 x 30 x 15cm. So if your cabin bag is 8kg and it's weighed then simply remove your laptop etc.


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Was on a flight back from Noumea a few again ago & the CSM was having a crackdown on size and number of items per pax being bought onboard . Some very disgruntled passengers. Also overheard her having a word with ground ops in NOU, and apologies from them where forthcoming .


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There’s a special circle of hell for those ‘rules are rules’ sorts. I thought that QF and Aussies were more lax and above that kind of pedantry.

God forbid someone has a need to travel with something heavy or fragile, a rolled piece of art, a motorcycle helmet, photo lenses, a CPAP, an obscenely heavy company issued laptop that weighs 5kg with a power brick.

But yes, that’s one of the reasons I don’t fly LCCs (BA shorthaul being the exception, but needs must)

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Where did 7kg come from?? Is very light. Agree delivery times are to long and it doesn’t seem ot matter if you have a priority tag or not.

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These rules have been around for a while. I really can’t see a problem with it. The number of times I have seen people cramming small suit cases into overhead bins, I think it is high time the rule was enforced. I am all in favour.


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These rules have been around for a while. I really can’t see a problem with it. The number of times I have seen people cramming small suit cases into overhead bins, I think it is high time the rule was enforced. I am all in favour.

Totally agree with you on this.

All the lazy people who "can't handle the wait time at baggage claim" just have to add it into their travel schedule and planning or simply bring less junk stuff with you is the alternative.


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I carry quite a lot of goods and samples in my bags that have batteries. Good luck taking my 8kg bag and putting it in the hold.

No sympathy for the CSM who had a shoulder injury - it’s a job requirement to be able to lift bags up to 23kg (advertised as such and an interview question). If you were a builder and you can’t take the extra weight any more then you’re probably looking at a new career. It’s no different in my mind with this so why does a cabin crew get extra dragon rights?

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Cabin crew should not have to lift passenger bags at all. If you can't lift your own bag - into the hold it goes. If you can lift it, and it's within the size limits, it should be OK. The 7kg limit is too light; until recently, Jetstar's limit was 10kg!


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If you can't lift you luggage don't take it!
BA however has a maximum hand baggage weight of 23kgs so you can avoid checking it in and also carry another laptop or hand bag - supposedly to put under the seat!


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This what I dislike about Qantas, they are so inconsistent in application of rules. They choose one flight to pick on while others are a free for all. And no minor exceptions for J class or status is just an insult.


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But it seems it's NOT about lifting individual pax bags, it's about crew closing the new drop-down pivot style bins in the newer 737s. According to Boeing, these pivot style drop-down bins can hold at least 4 "standard" size bags (so 28kg at 7kg each). The latest models can hold 6 "standard" size bags (so 42kg at 7kg each).


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Jetstar's back to 7kg however they now let you pay extra for a 10kg carry on allowance instead.

Obviously if they can do 10kg then so can Qantas/Virgin.


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I just flew VA and had my backpack weighing around 9kg but I always put a small bag inside that I can take out and have as a 'personal item' and spread the weight. I think its a disappointing that people who are less than 1kg over are being punished because of those who bring 15kg hand luggage.


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Don't you think it's funny how "mysteriously", the first instance of this began in late August (as read elsewhere), in the same week that Qantas announced its financial results and the bonus payment for cabin crew members, which would be awarded only after the crews signed a new industrial agreement?

Look at the timeline and judge for yourself:

  • August 23: Qantas financial results where bonus was announced.
  • August 24: Cabin crew speak out in newspapers about the conditions attached to their bonus.
  • August 26: Cabin crews begin randomly weighing baggage at the boarding gate, as per reports on AFF, and a flight ends up delayed so they can effectively 'work to rule'.

Plenty of chatter on AFF etc also suggests that most often, cabin crews are only weighing bags in the priority line, targeting the airline's most "valuable" customers (that is, business class, gold/platinum etc who probably spend lots of money with Qantas and are the most likely to complain), and Qantas can't exactly come down on those crews and order them to stop, because they're just following Qantas policy (albeit a policy that's otherwise rarely enforced).

It's not a safety thing, so any assertion in that regard is rubbish, because let's not forget that Jetstar now allows you to upgrade your cabin baggage allowance to 10kg for an extra fee, and JQ is part of Qantas (and the option to pay extra for that was launched in early September, after Qantas crews started this nonsense at the boarding gates).

Say what you will but this looks like industrial action to me. I wonder if it will also "mysteriously" stop once the crew get their bonus payments (or, maybe Qantas will just one-up the crews by making the allowance 10kg as is possible on Jetstar, rather than 7kg per bag, to avoid cranky crew members forcing passengers to check in a bag 500g overweight)....... food for thought!

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