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I am travelling up to HK later this month. As CX has closed their arrivals lounge I was thinking of trying something new as a work around. I am arriving on CX178. I need to go to China for the day and I fly out on CX to BKK later that evening. I was thinking as I am checking my bag from MEL to BKK and will have my BKK boarding pass, upon arriving at HKIA, can I go through the transit process, go to one of the first class lounges using my diamond status. Once refreshed exit the airport to catch my ferry to China from the HK China Ferry terminal.

So the question is, can I exit the airport if I am in the departures level?



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You will need a boarding pass for the next leg, to go through security to get to the departures level. From there leaving would not be easy even if you had a boarding pass for the onward connection.


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It is only possible. That’s it.


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Definitely possible. You need the airline lounge member escort you via immigration. It is not straight forward. Have done this twice before.


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It wouldn't hurt to ask Cathay Pacific if this can be done, but I'd not pin my hopes on it happening. As a Plan B there's the Plaza Premium arrivals lounge, which is directly opposite the old CX arrivals lounge – our review has more info on this: https://www.ausbt.com.au/plaza-premium-arrivals-lounge-review-hong-kong-airport


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It is possible, but again usually only when Operationally required... not usually done just for your convenience.

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