Transit in LAX from QF to AA

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Sorry if I had posted this in the wrong section.

Just seeking a bit of advice from AusBT readers familiar with LAX.

I'm arriving in LAX on QF from MEL and have to connect to an AA flight to LAS.

I'm assuming I'll have to clear immigration and pick up bag and clear customs in the international terminal, but I can't find any information on where I recheck my bag and how to get from TBIT to T5.

Any advice from LAX savvy travelers is much appreciated.





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There is a bag re-check after customs and then it is in the next building, which is a couple of minutes walk. There may now be an internal walkway as well as there is an interconnector now after security. It is close and it will be well signed.


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When you arrive in LAX, you'll pass through passport control before you get to the baggage collection area. You must collect your bags and then proceed to the "Connecting Flights" counter (turn right after walking through customs area).

There you'll find signs to AA bag drop / connections. Providing your bag is tagged to the final destination you can simply drop it on one of the conveyors (always plenty of staff to help if needed).
Now you've got two options - pass through security at the bag drop area or walk landside to T5 and pass through security there.
Depending on the time of day, walking landside may be quicker. I would make the call based on the line through customs - if it's long, landside to T5 (only a short walk) will be quicker. If it's short like at customs, the checkpoint past bag drop may actually be faster.
If you choose to go through security just past the bag drop, you will be able to walk through through to T5 airside, just follow the signs.
To get to T5 you actually walk halfway out along the T4 pier and then proceed downstairs to pass through to T5.
It's all relatively well signposted and staff are normally happy to help if you ask.


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Take the airbridge. You pass through a security point (that's usually very quiet by TSA standards) and its a 10-min walk to AA. You basically come out just past the super busy T5 checkpoint - 2mins walk to the AA lounge


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JALs site has the best map of LAX TBIT arrivals that I've been able to find.

Pass through CBP, collecting bags, then turn and follow the purple line on the map for baggage drop and on to the TSA transfer checkpoint.
After the checkpoint, go upstairs. This drops you into the T4-TBIT connector building. Turning right goes to TBIT, left goes to T4.
The corridor leads to an escalator which exits into T4 next to gate 41.
Walk through T4 to gate 44 (where the buses to the Eagle remote terminal depart from). escalator down from the T4 concourse level to the bus waiting area, turn left for another escalator to the tunnel. Do NOT go straight ahead from the bottom of the escalator, doing so takes you to T4 baggage claim. Turn 180 degrees from the escalator base and follow the tunnel. This tunnel goes from T4, under T5 and to T6. There is an escalator up to gate 55 in T5 half way down the tunnel.


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T4-T5 map

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Any comments if I am connecting from QF business to an American Eagles economy flight (with AA flight number)? Will I be able to use the qantas business lounge?


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Any comments if I am connecting from QF business to an American Eagles economy flight (with AA flight number)? Will I be able to use the qantas business lounge?

Yes, assuming it is a same day connection. You will need to show the QF boarding pass and let them know you're connecting when you get to the QF lounge (unless you have the needed non AA oneworld status for lounge access)

Follow the connection info above. Once through TBIT Arrivals TSA and in the TBIT-T4 connector, turn right towards the TBIT and follow the corridor into TBIT. Stay on the same level. The connector corridor enters TBIT next to the QF F lounge. The J lounge is further down the hall.

Just make sure to leave the lounge with enough time to walk back to T4 and get the bus from gate 44 to Eagles Nest. If you get to the remote terminal early, there is a small AA Club there which the QF J pass should also get you access to.

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