Qantas domestic business class experience

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If there is one good thing to have come out of it, it has cured you of the impulse to try QF again.

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One of the problems of our modern world, is companies are always trying to find ways to but costs. Qantas is no exception. What they don’t understand is, there is a level of public intolerance. It appears from this article, Qantas has reached that level. It is now up to Alan Joyce and Qantas to up the standards to regain the public trust.


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I am fan of QF fly with them regularly, Gold and just about to make P, but I think the domestic service these days can be a bit hit and miss. The welcome back can or cannot happen, the crew can be friendly or just do there job.The catering on short haul J is very average and unless someone else is paying I wouldn't bother. I sense that QF has peaked and I genuinely hope that they can arrest the decline.


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I am by no means a Qantas lackey, but I find the comments hard to digest (getting enough time to actually eat/drink if in row 3 on a SYD-BNE flight is a gripe of mine).

"Here's some water". They ALWAYS offer two options. Annoyingly this can be as basic as still water or sparkling water but there's always two. And they ALWAYS ask. They don't just force you to take it. If they wanted to be rude I guess they could say curtly. Still water / sparkling?

"as the bottle was plonked down" What bottle? They serve water or juice in a glass.

I get it that we all have high expectations, especially in a premium cabin, but you have to be careful to get the details right, otherwise Qantas will likely ignore what otherwise could be valuable feedback.


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I wish they would can the Neil Perry tie up it’s run it’s course and is almost a detriment to Neil’s reputation these days. Obviously the food is made to a price point of QF’s choice but I think it needs a change up it’s lost it’s lustre completely in all classes.


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Had a pretty uninspiring flight from PER-SYD on the A330. Food wasn't too bad but the crew were pretty poor. Cabin manager was friendly but the rest of the crew in the business cabin gave the impression they didn't really care much for the job and would rather chat amongst themselves in the galley. Very few smiles, limited pleasantries other than the cursory "what would you like to eat/drink". During the drinks service I asked for a cup of tea. The guy serving me grunted something, turned around and headed to the galley and I never saw him again. Not a train smash, but I think it shouldn't be too much to walk to the galley and get a cup of tea without forgetting about it.

Going into my third year of Platinum with QF but have decided I'll be switching to SIA from now on. Mostly due to better schedules but also don't feel like QF really values me as a customer.


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DOES Qantas serve spirits on domestic business class?

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