Reader poll: Qantas Premier Titanium card

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very poor value, for the annual fee they should be giving at least a $1000 travel voucher, 2 points per dollar and unlimited earning, won't be touching this failure

Poll: Will you be applying for the Qantas Premier Titanium card?


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I think looking at these results it’s official - this card has been universally panned. Whoever thought it was a good idea to come up with such pretentious requirements with ridiculous benefits needs a reality check. Back to the drawing board Olivia Wirth - nice try though.


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qantas should be ashamed of themselves. shame shame shame


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many big spenders (dai gou for instance, and those people that are in charge of company procurement and happen to be able to use their own card) don't have any status.


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Top end credit cards don’t make much sense in Australia. The annual fees are more than double those in other countries. I’m sticking with my mid level Amex/VA card. If anything the market is pushing me towards a hotel based card rather than the Amex Platinum or this new Qantas one. However, even at half the price this one would still not be as good as most Amex cards.


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I certainly don't qualify for the Card and even if I did the benefits don't match the price in my opinion


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Does this card get you discounts on Emirates flights booked with Qantas Flight numbers? Or just select Qantas flights?

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