(Almost) Everyone can use QF Business lounge from now till Feb 2020

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Some might stop in and have a look but younger people I know find lounges stuffy and boring, no atmosphere and too many selfish ignorant people, so I don’t think this will impact lounges too much, it’s just not the place younger people want to be.

In general some lounges are setup from a different era.

Speaking about the food and beverage scene, Qantas could use an uplift.

For starters Vittoria coffee is pretty sub quality compared to a vendor like St Ali, Axil or Padre. Powdered chai is not going to fly either.
Their is no proper craft beers on offer either.

Also the food on offer is like 90’s cafeteria food.

Fixing these points will go a long way for both old and new customers.


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I don't think that there's a danger that this promotion will make the lounges even more crowded than they are. Once the 18-35 traveller see from flight comparison websites that Qantas charges twice as much as the competition then the attraction of a single lounge pass will disappear very quickly.

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Clever move.

Nowadays, many young travellers will only want to do LCCs, or take the most discounted fares on others.
If QF don't start doing something like this, they will have to close Qantas FF in maybe 30 or 40 years because there's no value in it.
And lack of FFs who wants to use and retain status will be a massive blow to future profitibility to the airline in LT.


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It will be interesting to see actually how successful this promo is. Taking some random dates in November to Bali, you can get a JQ fare for ~$460 and the cheapest QF fare is ~$700. To the UK, BA for ~$1,050 and QF for ~$1,250. To SIN, Scoot $460 versus QF $780.

I can't see anyone valuing access to the business lounge at >$150. Even at the exorbitant airport prices, you can still have a meal / drink(s) for a lot less than this. Plus the food is going to be better than the QF lounge slop.


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It's not just LCC's when people are considering QF but convenience. Look at someone like SQ, who have 5 flights a day out of SYD. If you are travelling to Asia or Europe that makes for some great choice in timing and connections.

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