Qantas Premium Boarding - How you going?

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Mel -> Syd yesterday and as usual there were more people shuffling through the priority lane than the standard lane, with no checking whatsoever of eligibility.


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Have been a platinum flyer for 4 years now and I still line up in the economy line as I find it is faster.


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The American Airlines system is so sensible - they have 9 groups, Group numbers are printed on the boarding pass.

They call by Group number 1 -> 9. As a Gold FF (Qantas) I am now in Group 3 - I was Group 2, when Platinum.

Saves all that reading to decide what queue to join by effectively creating 9 queues, but only needing staff and space for one queue.

I wish Qantas would use the same system.


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From my experience with the majors in Australia, only Perth and Brisbane have any sense of decorum. Free for all elsewhere, Sydney being the worse. Qantas staff just want to herd all on board asap


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Have a question regarding priority boarding (assuming its operating as Qantas states it should). As a LTG I have priority boarding status but my wife does not. Is my wife allowed to board along with me?



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Petdav yes priority boarding for a couple is to the highest ranked. Has a always been the case with me.


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Qantas Boarding and Baggage handling = FAIL.

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