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  • Have a question regarding priority boarding (assuming its operating as Qantas states it should). As a LTG I have priority boarding status but my wife does not. Is my wife allowed to board along with me?

  • Whilst on an overseas work assignment in Kazakhstan, I flew Air Astana from Amsterdam to Atyrau every 4 weeks for over 12 years and was on the inaugural leased B757 flight from AMS to ATY in January 2004. I only flew the AMS-ATY-AMS sector however, over the 12 year period I experienced the airlin...

  • Hitting Lifetime Gold, what next?

    Apr 22, 2018, 01:54 PM

    Unfortunately Lifetime Gold is the end of the road with Qantas. I have over 40,000 status credits with Qantas but any amount above the qualifying amount of 14,000 counts for little, other than showing your loyalty to Qantas when you had options. Lifetime Platinum would have been nice (and approp...

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