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Any experiences flying with Air Astana?

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This is a pretty left field topic - but has anyone had experience flying with Air Astana at all? Everything i have read seems to be quite positive about them, but always suspicious about reviews and if they are sponsored or not. Considering flying them Seoul/Almaty/Moscow later in the year due to some very attractive prices compared to other options. Keen to hear any suggestions/first hand experiences.


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They are partially backed by singapore airlines and their standards of service is quite high. They operate safe, reliable flights so I would have no qualms booking the airline.


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I’ve flown them once from Delhi to Almaty and honestly one of the best flights I’ve ever taken.
Was in an A320 showing its age and same basic seats that Qantas has on its 737s but the soft product is another level.

They served (vintage) taittinger, the food was restaurant quality and overflew the Himalayas. Service was really attentive,
I recall thinking the in flight entertainment was really good too - was handed out on tablets which hung on the back of the seats.

For a 3 hour, $300 flight I was very impressed.

From Korea, I’m guessing the plane will be different and their long haul product might not be as good, but they have a solid reputation.


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That's good to hear and to have other reports verified. From Seoul to Almaty they run their 767-300ER's which apparently were the last passenger 767's off the production line, i think it's sort of their 'flagship' aircraft in terms of medium haul routes. And only $450 Seoul-Almaty-Moscow is too good to pass down.


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Last time I flew domestically in Kazakhstan was on the unfortunately named SCAT Airlines. I souvenired the inflight chocolate but have been too scared to try it.

Not very helpful I know, but I'm sufficiently immature that the name still makes me giggle.


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I flew with them last month they are our preferred when we travel to our operations in Kazakhstan, and they are good value.

Bangkok- Almaty- Ust-Kamenogorsk return in Business and was fantastic in every aspect, from crew to the food in flight service and movies chocie etc


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Whilst on an overseas work assignment in Kazakhstan, I flew Air Astana from Amsterdam to Atyrau every 4 weeks for over 12 years and was on the inaugural leased B757 flight from AMS to ATY in January 2004. I only flew the AMS-ATY-AMS sector however, over the 12 year period I experienced the airline grow, modernise its fleet, increase its network, improve its in-flight service and establish an excellent safety record. IMO Air Astana offers a level of service across all cabin classes that represent value for money.


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They are brilliant! Offer full flat Thompson seat, same family as Qantas 330 & 787 seat, with good IFE (Rave). Service is exceptional. They grew up with part ownership from Western aerospace firms in order to pull in their safety expertise - so great on safety! Enjoy it!!


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Well i have taken the plunge and have booked Air Astana now in late October flying Seoul - Almaty - Moscow, will be interesting to see how they go and will report back.

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