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Hi Otto,

It might be that "in light of the current situation with airlines" that QF thinks we will have little option but to fly with them, once we can fly again. I honestly hope that I'm wrong and that when things settle down that QF does the right thing by loyal customers who have been left behind in their rush to roll out an answer.

Honestly, I think that rolling the existing status

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My appeal (waiting a response) mentions that there should be loyalty on both sides. It costs Qantas virtually nothing to extend the status credit end date, their original reply to me said that I could ‘enjoy traveling with them in future' to obtain another 1400 credits! I have a double status credits booking in September so I am keeping my fingers crossed for that at least.

I think if everyone in our situation writes in it may sway Qantas, who knows.


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Public relations disaster for Q. They jumped too early on compensating some FFs without thinking it through and ended up upsetting alot of loyal customers who have been left out in the cold. One can only hope they look at this again after the dust settles.


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If you join BP rewards program through Qantas you get 10 status credits and 100 frequent flyer points right off then you can earn more I think Status credits by buying petrol there and flashing you FF membership card.

Then take a couple of domestic flights for work and back and you should make it.


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Originally Posted by snapperhead

Last year I went back to Gold from Platinum. My membership period is September to August, and currently I have 1330 SC points.

Before the virus outbreak, I had travel booked in April that would have taken me to Platinum this month. Now with flights being cancelled and the chance of flights before August looking more remote each day, do you think Qantas would take my membership to Platinum at the end of August if flying wasn't possible?

I'm sure there are a lot of other frequent flyers in this situation.

Sometimes life aint fair! But you should ring them and ask as they would have more idea! I doubt anyone will be doing much travel this year anyway!!


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I understand. I've almost re-qualified for another year as P, but have had 3 Double SC bookings cancelled. Taking a credit did not carry forward the double status credits, so all I get is the automatic roll-over, which someone who is also P would get if they'd done no flights this year and no recognition that I am sitting on 1200 SC with another 735 in booked (and paid for) 2 x SC flights. I had plans to make P1 this year! It is disappointing, but such is life.

What hurts more is without flights, my business has ground to a halt, so no income. And family are spread geographically, so limited to skype calls. The good news is we're alive, well and have enough food and alcohol, although Corona has become scarce. But if that's all we have to worry about, so be it. Stay well.


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With reference to the many suggestions on extending the status credits, Qantas does not extend the status credits for the next 12 months.

My case would be a good reference. My status anniversary is on March 2020 and the status credit accumulated from 2019 to 2020 has since expired.


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With reference to the many suggestions on extending the status credits, Qantas does not extend the status credits for the next 12 months.

My case would be a good reference. My status anniversary is on March 2020 and the status credit accumulated from 2019 to 2020 has since expired.


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I'm in a very similar position. I've only been Bronze status for a couple years due to a job change, after dropping from 3 years of Silver. I now started a new role at the end of last year that requires me to travel extensively. As a result I earned ~1000 SC's in international travel on non-QF badged airlines (due to destination and timetable mainly, but also cost rules), and well on way to Platinum before my year end at end of June. Alas because I haven't flown any of my required 4 QF badged flights which were all planned domestically for April (now unable to take) I'm refused status. It's hypocritical of Qantas to say they're rewarding loyalty by extending passengers status who haven't earned ANY SC's during the year at all OR flown QF, yet rejecting strong future customers like the original poster and myself.


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Would definitely agree with the suggestion of signing up to BP rewards to get as many status credits as you can that way. Qantas had mentioned opportunities to earn status credits on the ground. I would suggest keeping an eye out in case they launch any other deals apart from BP.

I would also suggest checking for any unclaimed loyalty bonuses that could be converted into 50 status credits as this would probably be more valuable than Qantas points at this time.

I doubt they would look at it until your QFF year has ended, but the closer you have got to the target the more chance they might consider allowing you the status as an exception.


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Yeah, I was caught out also. I was Gold, dropped to Silver last year and was up to 680 SC early March with 20 SC booked which had to be cancelled. I got 10 SC with the BP sign up bringing me to 690 and at end of April they all went down the gurgler. QFF had no sympathy.

Then to rub insult into the wound which really made me laugh a day or so after my loss of points they announced the SC earning at WOW stores and on the very next day the cheeky buggers sent me a targeted offer of spend $30 at WOW to earn 2k WOW rewards points which would convert to 10 QFF SC. Poor darts!!!


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Originally Posted by [email protected]

I am in the same situation with a flight I was due to take on 21st April giving me enough status credits. I have asked Qantas to either upgrade me to Platinum or to not zero the status credits at the end date of my gold status (currently end of May) b3cause it is impossible to obtain any status credits for at least another 6-7 months. They have said no but I am giving it one more try.

I think that they should not zero the status credits because in the long run it will encourage those of us who are very close to achieving platinum to remain loyal once flights restart. The extension to my gold status for one more year gives me nothing because I had already achieved that and the possibility of obtaining 1400 status credits in the next 12 months is nigh on impossible. Indeed, it may be difficult to achieve even gold in the coming 12 months if international flights are not up and running before or close to the end of the year. I have now had to cancel 2 trips, both of which would have given me double status credits, my understanding is that when I rebook using the credit note is that that benefit does not apply to new flights.

Qantas should do what Finnair (AY) did: AY has extended status for 6 months from the anniversary date and has also extended the qualifying / prequalifying period for the same 6 month period - AY seems to have realised that it is beyond the pax control to achieve a certain status when flights are not operating and/or flights have been cancelled.


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Did anyone have any success with Qantas?

Dealing with Qantas has been a nightmare to get some refunds and it feels like Qantas have forgotten about loyal frequent flyers outside of Australia. They were promised but twice cancelled by Qantas and put back into credit.

I don't know if other airlines did any better, but I cannot help but feel that had COVID 19 happened two months later than it did, and I had already attained Platinum one, Qantas would have treated me better.

Yes, I realise the world has bigger problems and status does not feel that important at the moment but this is as others have said a travel site. I have averaged 2,800 status credits a year for eh last 3 years. I decided to book a few extra trips this year to move up to Platinum 1 which would have happened with confirmed bookings if not for COVID 19.

Removing all the status credits at my anniversary simply means Qantas has made Platinum 1 out of reach for the foreseeable future. I did not expect Qantas to credit the cancelled flights and move me to Plat 1, but my loyalty and incentive to attain Plat 1 has been taken away and I feel that they are forgotten the loyal non-Australian resident QFF.

Points Club is just another example. Obtaining points club as a non-Australian resident and being able to access the benefit where classic rewards earn some status credits is harder than it is for Australian residents as the points promotions are limited. No linked wine club, no Qantas co-branded credit cards with bonus point promotions , no linked shopping (BP etc). I have booked with Qantas hotels and rented cars via Qantas, but still for me the only way to attain point club membership would be to to purchase Qantas points.

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