Your last chance to give away Hilton Honors Diamond, Gold status

For Hilton Honors’ Diamond guests, there are just a few days left to gift elite Hilton status to a friend or family member.

By Chris C., January 27 2021
Your last chance to give away Hilton Honors Diamond, Gold status

Have a top-tier Hilton Honors Diamond card, or sit among the even loftier Lifetime Diamond ranks?

This week marks your last chance to gift an elite Hilton Honors membership to a chosen friend or family member – so if you haven’t already picked the ‘winner’ among your social circle, you’d best get moving.

If you missed the memo, all Hilton Honors Diamond members worldwide can nominate one person for a complimentary boost to Hilton Honors Gold status; those at the higher Lifetime Diamond tier can instead give away one free Hilton Honors Diamond card.

However, nominations for that complimentary status boost must be received by January 31 2021, so don’t delay.

How to nominate your Hilton Honors Gold or Diamond recipient

If you’re already a Hilton Honors Diamond or Lifetime Diamond member and haven’t put that Christmas present to good use, nominating your Chosen One is easy: just send an email to [email protected].

In that email, include your full name and Hilton Honors number, as well as the name and Hilton Honors number of the person you’d like to see boosted to the elite ranks.

(If your recipient isn’t already enrolled in the Hilton Honors program, they’ll need to join first, but that’s quick, easy and free to do online.)

More status gifts from Hilton Honors

This ‘Christmas gift’ is separate to Hilton’s year-round status sharing offer for elite members.

That remains available, with members normally able to gift Hilton Honors Gold after staying for 60 nights in one calendar year – upgraded to Hilton Honors Diamond if the original elite member stretches that to 100 nights over the same period.

For 2021, however, those figures have been significantly reduced: providing an easier path to partner status.

Spending just 30 nights at Hilton Honors’ affiliated hotels will unlock a complimentary Hilton Honors Gold card for a companion, which can be upgraded to Diamond at 60 nights.

Members earning status in their own right will also find that easier throughout 2021, with the number of nights required to unlock Silver, Gold and Diamond cut in half.

Not only that, but any ‘nights’ earned by members throughout 2020 will be carried forward into 2021, giving a jump start on that goal.

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