Qatar Airways extends all Privilege Club status to December 2021

Privilege Club members, including those who received a status match, will now have all of 2021 to enjoy their tier benefits.

By Chris Chamberlin, January 29 2021
Qatar Airways extends all Privilege Club status to December 2021

Qatar Airways’ Privilege Club members are in for a treat, with the airline rolling out a second status extension offer.

Under the deal, all Silver, Gold and Platinum Privilege Club cardholders who fall short of retaining their tier this year will find their benefits extended until December 31 2021.

For long-term Privilege Club members, this comes on the back of a previous status extension offer in March 2020, whereby Qatar prolonged all members’ elite status by 12 months.

“Our Privilege Club members are very important to us and we want to continue to be there for them,” said Thierry Antinori, Qatar Airways’ Chief Commercial Officer.

“That is why we are announcing today our latest tier extension as one of the many steps that Privilege Club has taken over the last year to honour the loyalty of our valued members as we navigate these difficult times together.”

Status matched travellers get more time, too

In 2020, Qatar Airways ran a separate international status match offer, with those matched also having their status extended, Qatar Airways confirmed to Executive Traveller.

Targeting members of rival frequent flyer programs like Virgin Australia Velocity, the airline’s original status deal ran across May and June 2020, with that complimentary Privilege Club Silver, Gold or Platinum card originally valid until mid-2021.

Now, with Privilege Club extending status for those who can’t retain their tier this year, travellers who bagged a status match will find their perks valid until the end December, too.

Digital membership cards in the Qatar Airways app will continue to show the member’s current status expiry date for the time being.

But once that passes, the app will be updated to reflect a December 31 2021 expiration.

However, at the time of the status match offer, those welcomed into the elite ranks of Privilege Club only needed half as many Qpoints – the Qatar Airways equivalent of status credits – to retain that matched tier for a full year.

Qatar Airways has confirmed this will only apply for members who manage to retain their status in their 'original' first year of status.

Take the example of a member who received a tier match in June 2020, with that matched status originally being valid until June 2021.

If they retained that tier in their own right, they'd enjoy the perks of status for another full year, being until June 2022 – but, if they didn't, would only get the standard status extension until December 2021.

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11 Jul 2014

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So Qantas is offering myself Gold for 100 status credits, Qatar is offering Platinum extension till 31st of December and I will easily get 800 status credits with Virgin within 12 months.  It's a traveller market and I wonder what will come out once everything gets back to normal to lock traveller into airline loyalty programs.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

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It will certainly pile on pressure for Virgin 2.0 to come up with something very competitive, and soon (well ahead of return to international travel). 


11 Jul 2014

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VA Double Platinums should get Chairman Lounge or a Business Lounge I think..... People are crazy to think Murphy would axe The Chairman Lounge most of the people in it already have planned their exist if it goes and the cost to VA in revenue isn't worth it.

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