Which Cathay Pacific lounges at Hong Kong are open?

Hong Kong used to have perhaps the largest collection of Oneworld lounges under a single roof...

By David Flynn, October 12 2022
Which Cathay Pacific lounges at Hong Kong are open?

With Hong Kong making a measured reopening to the rest of the world, and Cathay Pacific steadily rebuilding its network, many travellers are wondering which of Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounges have unlocked their doors.

After all, at its pre-pandemic peak the Oneworld member boasted six lounges at its Hong Kong hub – first class and business class sections of The Wing and The Pier plus The Deck (which replaced The Cabin) and The Bridge.

Eligible travellers could also pop into the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge, giving Hong Kong perhaps the largest number of Oneworld lounges in a single terminal.

Sadly, the interregnum of 2020-2022 saw Qantas permanently close its well-regarded boutique space, with Cathay likewise pulling down the shutters on The Bridge.

So where your lounge options when flying to or through Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific and any other Oneworld airline?

Cathay currently has only two lounges open – The Pier Business and The Wing First – with entry determined by where you’re travelling to, as the airport itself has been divided into two zones which segregate passengers flying on mainland China from other international travellers.

The Pier Business

Cathay Pacific's The Pier Business lounge.
Cathay Pacific's The Pier Business lounge.

If you’re in transit though Hong Kong – connecting from one Cathay flight to another, but not leaving the airport – your go-to is The Pier Business lounge.

That’s regardless of what frequent flyer status you hold or which premium cabin you’re in, as The Pier First Lounge remains closed.

However, if you have been in Hong Kong for less than three days, the health status of the government’s LeaveHomeSafe app will still show amber (it changes to blue around 9am of ‘Day 3’, with your date of arrival counted as Day 0) – and that will mean you can’t visit The Pier, a spokesperson for Cathay Pacific confirms.

“The airline must scan an individual's LHS for passengers departing from Hong Kong and wishing to enter a Cathay Pacific lounge,” the spokesperson tells Executive Traveller.

“If the passenger has an amber code, they will not be able to enter the lounge.”

The Wing First

Cathay Pacific's The Wing First lounge.
Cathay Pacific's The Wing First lounge.

If you’re “starting your journey from Hong Kong or transiting through Hong Kong from the Chinese Mainland,” Cathay says, then head for The Wing First lounge.

And yes, The Wing First’s private cabanas are back in operation – but no, there isn’t any scope for in-transit passengers to visit The Wing First before catching their onwards flight.

One of the private Cabana suites at The Wing First lounge.
One of the private Cabana suites at The Wing First lounge.

Both The Pier Business and The Wing First are open daily from 5.30am to the last Cathay Pacific departure.

As as October 2022 The Pier First, The Wing Business and The Deck remain closed.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

09 May 2013

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No one reasonable would go to HKG with their weird and wonderful/innovative quarantine rules in full enforcement. 

Only option is transit, but i do not see any price incentives on cathay to make themselves competitive. I hope they survive, i just love their service and aircrafts they use in/out of Australia. 

I also wish they do not become another mainland carrier (or merged with one), and lose all credibility. 

24 Oct 2010

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Respectfully disagree: I think I'm quite 'reasonable' and I'm right now planning a trip to Hong Kong. I'll do a PCR test before my flight to make 100% sure I am negative, and will take appropriate precautions at the airport, in the lounge and on the flight. At least I can be out and about during the first three days, even if that does limit my options for visiting cafes and restaurants. And I'm with you 100% on wishing Cathay Pacific the very best of futures, it would be sad to see such a wonderful airline face an untimely fate.

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

12 Sep 2011

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Love HKG and The Pier First  Wing First only for the cabanas and self serve vintage champagne which isnt available in Pier First.  And, as for the past 4-5 years,  we get to avoid SingAs aka SingaporeInc and a much better 1 terminal experience, rather than dodgy SQ First Private Room.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

12 Feb 2021

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Yes but as a PR resident (Australian always) ,was better for many reasons to live there in this way but if returning to work in the future , I believe there are restraints regarding   signatures required as to loyaly toHK  govt but will have to wait to see what employer writes to me about this. I renewed my passport today but will keep PRC Z visas from the past and need to check on bank accounts regulalrty. was not like this before and cdertain many expats have left .  CX willsurvive and hope they can return to be the airline of choice out of HKG.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer - Chairmans Lounge

01 Sep 2011

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I was in transit in HKG last week flying from Seoul to Sydney and it was really sad to see the airport like a ghost town. I was directed to The Pier Business lounge as in transit was not allowed through to the other side of the airport. I had pics to upload but can't seem to.

23 Oct 2022

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Anyone know the current situation with Cathay and masks in biz class?  Are they still allowing people to take them off when seat is flat?  Thanks in advance.  

You're still supposed to keep them on at all times, I would not rely on the attendants on any specific flight to let you take yours off just because you are business class. If you don't want to wear a mask in business class I would fly with a different airline.

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