Qantas flight sim competition: the winner is...

By danwarne, August 17 2011
Qantas flight sim competition: the winner is...

The winner of Australian Business Traveller's amazing Qantas Flight Simulator is Chris Gammon from Canberra, who wrote:

"My family and I don't fly a lot, but when we do, it's Qantas all the way regardless of whether our destination is domestic or international. The iconic Australian film "The Castle" talks about "the vibe"; that's the best way to sum up the whole experience with another Aussie icon: Qantas."

Congratulations Chris. Having experienced a Qantas B747 flight simulator ourselves to make the video to anchor the competition, we can tell you it's an absolutely amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Of course, picking a winner was extremely tough, as many readers made great points about what they enjoy about flying with Qantas.

The common theme through most entries was that readers value the market-leading safety record of Qantas, the good service and humour of the crew, and the sense that you're stepping onto a piece of flying Australian land no matter where you are in the world when you step onboard.

Some of the excellent entries included:

"I love the respect that you're given when you fly with Qantas. From the detailed flight updates by the pilots to the warm greetings and treatment from the cabin crew, Qantas always makes you feel like a valued customer that they are genuinely pleased to have onboard."

- Lisa McMillan

"Qantas feels "at home" wherever you are in the world. It is reassuringly safe, always clean and comfortable and service comes with a dose of Aussie humour and always with a smile."

- Julia Robertson

"Qantas is great!!! Last time we flew, we flew, my mum had a broken ankle, so instead of sticking us in economy, we all got a free upgrade to business class, and the flight attendants took care of her to an exemplary level!"

- Mat Gardiner

"The safest airline in the world and the most pleasant flying experience, second to none. Qantas is Australian people showing the world how to do it."

- Michael Salmon

And some funny ones...

"I love Qantas because I always get my gluten free meals before everyone else!! The best airline and Aussie!!"

- Tahni Jansen

"Our Qantas, first lounge heaven. Hallowed be your fame. Your Skybeds come, Your IFE fun, On earth, as flying through the heavens. Give us this day our daily bread (rolls), And give us our Gins, As we forgive those who drink Gin without us. Lead us not into Terminal 4, and deliver us from Tiger. For the Boeing, The Airbus, and the Dash-8 are yours now and forever, Amen."

- Peter Shepherd

"With Qantas, it's all about ME, because there is no U in Qantas. :)"

- Walter S Arnold

Thanks to Amanda Bolger and Steve Curtis at Qantas for making this amazing competition possible for Australian Business Traveller readers.

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