Scoot begins inflight wifi streaming of movies, TV shows

By David Flynn, January 29 2013
Scoot begins inflight wifi streaming of movies, TV shows

Singapore Airlines' low-cost offshoot Scoot is now offering  streaming of video to passengers' own laptops and tablets – but not smartphones – through its onboard ScooTV service backed by inflight tech specialists Gogo.

Scoot tells us that it's available on all aircraft and all routes, and runs on Apple and Android tablets.

You'll need a free plugin for your laptop or Android tablet, which Scoot makes available onboard over its wifi network, but iPad users need to download the free Gogo Video Plugin app before they board the flight.

Travellers in Scoot's business class enjoy the service free of charge; in economy, you're up for a quite reasonable $12.

The content's refreshed every two months and is the same as what you'll find preloaded on Scoot's inflight iPad rental service, which is still available for around $16.

Upmarket meals, too

Scoot is also upgrading its inflight meals with a new 'premium selection' priced at S$7 (A$5.40) above the budget's airlines usual fare.

On the menu are 'local favourites' such as beef sukiyaki for Tokyo and Taipei flights, braised beef brisket on Chinese routes, nasi lemak for Thailand and Beef Bourguignon Pie from the Gold Coast to Singapore.

The meals include a drink and two sides such chocolate cake, apple crumble, fresh fruits or salad.


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Qantas -Gold

26 Apr 2012

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Thanks for the information. Flying on Scoot from OOL in a few weeks for a week in Singapore, Economy Stretch over and ScootBiz for the return. Had no plans on using the inflight entertainment however tempted to give it a go based on this information. Premium Meals now selected, $5.99 AUD upgrade if you have FlyBagEat and for the outbound flight it's a Pie with decent looking sides.  ScootBiz still requires you to pay for a premium selection, even though you get a 'free' basic meal and drink. I am keen to give Scoot a try, wife and daughter not so much... 

I'm flying scootbiz next Wednesday so this was very appreciated. Will report back on how it works.

Jury is still out on the premium meal though.


22 May 2012

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I will never fly scoot again. Flew Scootbiz from Singapore to Cooloongatta and they had no entertainment, we had to pay for a comfort pack (in Biz?) seats dont recline much and it was the worst flight of my life.We were so disspointed because we read about the entertainment but it wasnt available for technical reason? We sinced found out it was available for weeks before. Dont waste your money on Scootbiz; absoutely no benefit over economy. Even boarding and checkin was nightmare.

Well, it is a buget airline and btw, it says when you buy the tickets, comfort packs are not included.

Does Scoot offer inflight internet? 

Or is it onlyused to access the portal

28 Apr 2016

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Just flew scootbiz from Sydney to Singapore and was very impressed with the no frills business class for the price paid. Came with a meal, wine and coffee. The seat was quite spacious and reclined about 8 inches with a foot rest. Lots of leg and arm room. I wanted larger seats than economy and therefore was not disappointed.

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