• I think you will find that domestic is very different to International. Tablecloth on a VA domestic on a medium sector???

  • Can I ask, I see lots of comments about 2-4-2 seating and with nearly 700 of them built how many airlines actually have a 2-4-2 config. I know ANA did have this but was told that they are converting to 3-3-3 to enable more seats, as much as you might not like it, Nine across V's Eight Across, if ...

  • Look at the duty free stores in the airports, terminals have turned into shopping centres. Great move QF, more room to maybe improve on food and beverage offering. You would think nowadays you could order via IFE onboard and have your purchase ready at the terminal when yo get back. They could ge...

  • Ok, when it seems that Qantas wants to have you fly on every other airlines metal, I cant see why they dont use Qantas metal to fly to KUL with a codeshare agreement. With this i dont mean Jetstar either. Maybe more passengers would fly Qantas from both countries if it was avaialble!

  • Correct but you can cancel a order or maybe transfer the order to a new A350

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