• Still waiting for QF ADL-SIN.

  • Just flew QF9/10 787 in PE and have mixed feelings. The seat is quite comfortable and wide so good for daytime comfort: work, food, films. Definitely more spacious and comfrable than Y. Sleep was ok on PER-LHR since the time of day is conducive as an overnight with an evening departure. But the s...

  • PE is for special occasions! 

  • Qantas ditches Dubai

    Sep 01, 2017, 04:17 PM

    ADL based, hoping for QF ADL-SIN and more options to LHR. The EK 777s are tired and the seats are hard. Then there's the tarmac bus ride in Dubai. That said, I won't look forward to the 737 PER-ADL after 17 hours in from LHR on QF9. May still use EK to get to CDG and the rest of Europe in on...

  • Pleanty of business travel happens in Y too. Our policy at work only extends to the C-suite for J. The other few thousand of us fly Y to Europe and the US. Not confident about 22 hours in Y! If you're not feeling great or it's a rough flight, it would be absolutely brutal. 

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