• The big question now is if they will bring forward flights to Manila and Jakarta that would fill with expat wives and kids coming back early for Christmas.

  • Rubbish!  Countries like Singapore need food security and SIA doesn't have enough freighters.  So they will continue to fly their passenger planes into Australia, fill them to the brim with produce and any passengers paying astronomical prices will be a bonus.

  • I think Joyce said on the Today show yesterday that they would measure themselves against the flexible fare and report this back to the Government.  But the real test is really how many extra miles flown by the airlines.  Maybe this is how they should have been paid.  Put extra met...

  • You think travel agents make money on selling domestic tickets when airlines have cut the commissions over recent years!  No, travel agents make money on packaging flights with hotels and tours.  So, they will be a huge beneficiary as lots of people walk into a travel agent to try and u...

  • Cash flow driving scheduling not reality!I expect Alan knows he will not have international flights in any meaningful way by July.  This is really only to generate cash at a time they continue to burn more than they have coming in.  Particularly given the most recent border closures

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  • Has anyone seen it yet?

  • Qantas cuts Beijing, where to next

    Nov 23, 2019, 06:55 AM

    Originally Posted by OZjames70 Interesting that people think Sydney - Dehli and Sydney - Kuala Lumpur are low yield. Last editedby OZjames70 at Nov 13, 2019, 05:39 PM. I am with you!

  • Good to see this being applied. If you have been hit on the head by a bag falling out of the overhead locker then you will understand why!

  • Previously economy would be put into the Carlton Hotel and business into Sheraton. They also arranged coach to and from. That was some time ago! I fly out of Singapore a lot and for the last couple of years they have not experienced the issues that previously was common. Appears now that the...

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