• I reckon they would be happy with the 50 limit. Freight plus high yielding business class passengers. Forget the rest.We need flights to take our produce out of the country.

  • will we get a class action from the shareholders who now have shares that are not worth the digital media they are stored on. There is certainly a case that the Board did not provide the necessary oversight to get it into a 7bn hole.

  • but through the administration process they can strip the costs out. I give it a much better chance

  • Agree. Ignore their request. So in periods of high demand for aircraft do Boeing or Airbus adjust their price upwards on pre-commitments! Why should it work only in Qatar's favour ...... I guess the oil money is running low and they can no longer afford to pump endless money into an airline. T...

  • Doesn't Perth airport get it. The prize is really the increased rent they can charge the retail tenants by having thousands of affluent international travelers stop over in the airport ...... have they never visited the Singapore airport! In my view, the airport should be welcoming Qantas and b...

  • Has anyone seen it yet?

  • Qantas cuts Beijing, where to next

    Nov 23, 2019, 06:55 AM

    Originally Posted by OZjames70 Interesting that people think Sydney - Dehli and Sydney - Kuala Lumpur are low yield. Last editedby OZjames70 at Nov 13, 2019, 05:39 PM. I am with you!

  • Good to see this being applied. If you have been hit on the head by a bag falling out of the overhead locker then you will understand why!

  • Previously economy would be put into the Carlton Hotel and business into Sheraton. They also arranged coach to and from. That was some time ago! I fly out of Singapore a lot and for the last couple of years they have not experienced the issues that previously was common. Appears now that the...