• I found the same experience when looking at OOL-MEL. Maybe it’s because they are not offering any commission?

  • Completely agree. I always felt they should go via DRW. Can also collect BNE pax, it’s on Australian soil and has tourism potential for inbound.Not to mention a lot of the international flights already fly over near Darwin.

  • I think I am missing something here.Surely the two are the same it just depends on how you market it.2-3-2 is the same as alternating (1-1-1) and (1-2-1) just with double the amount of row numbers.In both cases everyone gets aisle access.In both cases there is one person sitting next to the windo...

  • I reckon that all depends on how much cargo it hauls.I always wondered how full the 747 was actually (both Passengers and Cargo) and why they didn't run it as a Perth service picking up the other capital city passengers.

  • Lufthansa axes Berlin-New York route

    Mar 16, 2018, 01:03 PM

    Latest is estimated to open 2020. I wonder how airBerlin going down plays into all of that. Potentially eases some of the capacity.

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  • Unfortunately due to the RBA changes the only combo card (one account for both Amex and MasterCard/Visa) left is the CBA and it is not very competitive so you are better off having 2 separate accounts.*Amex*Amex Explorer is great Amex all rounder with an effective earn rate of 1.5 airline points/...

  • If you wanted to lock in the exchange rate than your option is either buying cash or loading onto a travel card.*Travel Card*As everyone has said with Travel Cards the exchange rate can be very bad so it pays to shop aroundMost travel cards will have free ATM transactions but again you need to ch...

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