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    Nov 23, 2019, 12:17 AM

    Sorry, Chris, I must be missing something. It's a lounge for First and you say one of it's downsides is a lack of seating for first class. So who's sitting there if it's not the people the lounge is designed for? Or is it the huge number of Gold, Platinum etc FFs who get to use the lounge and ...

  • It also works on VA because they use the back stairs so 50% of the aircraft board from the rear and there is no long clogging queue on the airbridge.

  • I've just returned from a trip across to CHC (8 & 11 Feb) and the bl**dy rap video played on both legs so it's still there. Appalling. Stared at it in disbelief on the first leg, read my book on the return.

  • After a recent trip to Christchurch on NZ, I needed physio and medication for my back due to the really bad seating. With this new config and after those problems I won't be touching NZ again unless I have no choice. Appalling.

  • You could possibly look at the photos for your answer?

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  • About time. I sat and watched as two crew members struggled once to lift a lady's bag and try and fit it into a locker. More fool them for not refusing it but it was "J" class; madam just stood there and watched their struggle. FFS. :(

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