• Yeah has to be targeted, I didn't get it either and had 1000 points credit but no status credits. @Brandon Loo, can you confirm that it should be for all? Otherwise you'll need to change that it was a targeted offer.

  • Finally!!!

  • I'd love to be able to do this for CBR-SYD and then connect to a Qantas flight onwards to an internationa destination though can only dream...

  • SilkAir adopts SQ branding

    May 18, 2018, 10:27 AM

    Already announced by other sources such as the Singapore Airlines website.

  • Qatar dials back Adelaide flights

    Aug 15, 2016, 12:59 PM

    I believe ADL isn't part of the 21 flights a week limit, only the major capital cities (Sorry Adelaide!) The standard air service agreements with Australia limit flights (or seats) to the major airports (PER/MEL/BNE/SYD) while other ports (eg, ADL, OOL, CNS, CBR, etc) are unlimited.

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  • Qantas A380 charter to Orlando

    Jul 18, 2019, 10:38 PM

    I just saw an ad on TV from Woolworths Supermarkets in Australia advertising that they are giving away for 116 groups of 4 people a holiday to Disney World on a chartered Qantas flight. It's a promotion to do with the Lion King, This would be the charter.

  • Originally Posted by Oneworldflyer Hello, I am travelling to Bali this week and meetings with colleagues in the lounge beforehand and wondered if I am able to check in earlier than 3 hours before departure? The check in desks should be open about 4 hours before the Bali departure due to the flig...

  • Originally Posted by andrewjason81 Originally Posted by adethyasjce Originally Posted by andrewjason81 Originally Posted by ian62 Is anyone aware of the logic/rationale behind selecting some passengers for the DSC offer and not others? Thanks. It would be useful for ABT to ask Qantas this dir...

  • Malindo Air Denpasar (Bali)-Adelaide

    Oct 21, 2018, 12:30 PM

    I saw this on another forum, take it with a grain of salt since I've seen this no where else so there's nothing to back this up. Malindo Air to commence services to ADELAIDE in Q1 2019 (date TBC)Schedule as follows;OD 0173 DPS ADL arrival 2100 1 3 5 7OD 0174 ADL DPS Departure 22:40 1 3 5 7routing...

  • I've had the opposite where from my seat on QF7 to being in the AA lounge after deplaning, clearing immigration, collect back, drop off, re-clear security within an hour. The next time I flew QF7 6 months later, took nearly an hour just for the bags to come out. Hit and miss with DFW. Though wors...

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