• Good luck trying to purchase one. They go quicker than hot-dogs at Bunnings on a Saturday morning.

  • Hopefully Perth / Tokyo is on the radar for Qantas??

  • It's either that or we will whinge about our crappy airport........10 years too late and what they are building seems like a series of lean-toos. We may get multi-level undercover parking in 10 years at the rate they are going.................. You've got to hand it to Perth Airport Pty. Ltd they...

  • I think you are right, otherwise it would become a Jetstar flight. I was allways willing to pay a little extra to fly Qantas to Singapore and I'm sure I would do the same for a direct flight to Haneda

  • I think I am. It just gives my kids something more to whine about .... "But Daaaaaad, you fly business class for work" and my standard reply is "That is exactly why it is called Business..........were on holidays "  It gets worse, my wife actually booked Tiger not Scoot for th...

  • Surely this question was a joke/ piss take ? Fashionable, Adidas, Under Armour and thongs in the same sentence? Why not set the whole package off with a cool bandanna?

  • Emirates Dubai Business Lounge

    May 16, 2018, 06:07 PM

    Am I just a victim of poor timing or does anyone else have to join a cue in the Dubai Business lounge for a shower or a #2 ?