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Am I just a victim of poor timing or does anyone else have to join a cue in the Dubai Business lounge for a shower or a #2 ?


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What time did you arriving Emirates Lounge? Its extremely busy in Morning and Midnight where shower indeed need one or even two hour queue. If you there at Lunch-Afternoon, the lounge is pretty much empty with only few people.


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My own experience has been a short wait for the shower. Never longer than five minutes. This experience is limited to flying QF 1/2.



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It varies but for me it has been around 30 mins but the wait for women is much longer. Not enough showers for women, and hey won allow common use like anywhere else: heaven forbid.


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ive given up trying - always a longish queue and definately not enough showers for the number of people using the lounge - sit down with some bubbles and relax is my go to in the Business lounge as normally very hectic

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The lounges in Concourse B tend to be the busiest, not just because of the flights using that part of the airport but also because it's where you 'arrive' in the terminal after clearing outbound security and passport control as a business class passenger if beginning your journey in Dubai.

Take the train to Concourse A and use the business class (or first class) lounge there instead, which can be a lot quieter.


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Hit and miss for me - been there about a dozen times and most of the time it's ok but around 40% of the time it's so busy that the plane boards again before they get to cross me off the waiting list.

Hot tip from when QF used to fly there - which ever side of the lounge the flight re-boards from, walk in the opposite direction to use the showers (There are identical shower suites left and right of the lounge entry). Not sure if that would work any more since it's hard to tell if the EK flight will be the same one all the way from AUS to UK for example, but may be worth a shot.

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Only once in around 20 visits did I miss out and then again had to use the hotel facilities on the next floor up. Like the Singapore lounge but prefer the Dubai one so my flights to Europe remain through DXB but on EK. Just better connectivity for me and having a great lounge to freshen up in


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I've had the benefit recently to do both the Business Class lounge and the First lounge (separate flights, but close together) and one of the biggest differences is the access to the showers! The business showers are pretty cramped and not much better than a gym shower, and the waiting lists are often long, particularly in early morning. The First showers show you why you want to get into that lounge....

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