Video: inside British Airways' new Airbus A380

By David Flynn, March 6 2013
Video: inside British Airways' new Airbus A380

British Airways' new Airbus A380 will take to the skies on October 15 with a daily service between London Heathrow and Los Angeles, to be followed by London-Hong Kong from November 15.

The airline has also released a video providing the first glimpse of its A380 cabin and seats.

As Australian Business Traveller revealed last year, the superjumbo offers "an evolution of the current seat" in BA's Club World business class seat rather than an all-new design.

This includes a 2-3-2 arrangement and the alternating backwards-forwards design.

Of course, first class is as swanky as ever.

The video also shows the slim-line economy seats of the Word Traveller and World Traveller Plus cabins.

BA's Airbus A380 seatmap

The seating chart for British Airways' A380 shows each of the 12 superjumbos will carry 469 passengers across four classes.

The lower deck is the domain of 14 lush first class mini-suites, which BA promises will have "extra personal and stowage space" due to the A380's wider main deck compared to the current fleet of Boeing 747s and Boeing 777s.

Back behind the curtain will sit 44 Club World business class seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, followed by 199 World Traveller economy seats arranged 3-4-3.

Upstairs are a further 56 Club World business class seats in a 2-3-2 layout over two four-row cabins. Yes, we know the BA seatmap itself says 53 seats, but with eight rows of seven seats, you do the maths!

There's also a compact World Traveller Plus premium economy cabin of 55 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration, plus 104 more World Traveller economy seats arranged 2-4-2. (Our tip: those upstairs seats will be the ones to pick if you're in World Traveller.)

Upstairs, downstairs: split-level Club World business class

With Club World split over both decks of the A380 there's some promise for passengers critical of BA's business class seat not offering direct aisle access.

Over the three cabins – one downstairs, two upstairs – six window seats and five centre seats boast direct aisle access, while a pleasing twelve aisle seats have nobody picking their way over you.

BA, Qantas and other oneworld frequent flyers can usually snag these seats before others get their hands on them. 

Interestingly, close scrutiny of the seatmap shows an extra side section in each the rear-facing middle seat. If this is a handy work area or additional inflight storage, these could be a top choice for business travellers.

British Airways has a dozen superjumbos on order, with the first four slated for delivery this year.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 May 2012

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Love the upper deck mini economy cabin, same as SQ. just that little bit more comfortable than lower deck economy and the added storage.

13 Dec 2011

Total posts 30


"Over the three cabins – one downstairs, two upstairs – six window seats and five centre seats boast direct aisle access..."

Excuse my ignorance but I can only see 4 centre seats with aisle access.

Can someone please point out the fifth.



19 Dec 2011

Total posts 49

already sat in what we were told was their new economy seats on a paritially retrofitted 767 between london & copenhagen. seats very comfortable with hard plastic backs and plenty of leg room on this plane. Cabin crew told me that this was ba's new economy seat. 

07 Aug 2012

Total posts 196

I would hazard a guess that the same Y seat is also on BA's 77W.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

01 May 2012

Total posts 121

Interesting 'side' lockers in what looks like the WTP cabin at the 30 second mark of the video.

The sleek modern design is very much in vogue with airlines these days (BA, QF, AA, CX etc etc). Very nice... or more precisely, what we currently perceive as very nice.

I wonder what future generations will think of them? Will it be greeted with horror accompanied with remarks like "Oh God that is so early 21st century!"?

Perhaps Emirates is on the right track sticking with their tacky gold-trimmed fittings. Daggy but timeless?

Your thoughts?


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 May 2011

Total posts 735

Not holding my breath on the "evolutionary" new design of their current biz class seat. Disappointing they did not go for an all new design as many A380 operators have opted for. First class looks cramped with the 1-2-1 config, would have been nice if they took QF as an example and added an extra seat on port and starboard and a single row in the middle (to come to a total of 14 F suites). Mind you, the new BA F is pretty narrow hence they are able to have a 4 seat config. All in all not too excited about this bird in BA config.

10 Mar 2011

Total posts 529

What a wasted opportunity to not launch a new Business product. I have never like the front / back seats they have. Also hope that they do something about the abysmal standard of service... My last flight with them last year has me vowing to never step foot on a BA flight unless there is absolutely no choice!


Abysmal indeed! The cabin crew really drag the team down. I really do not understand their attitude. If you don't like your job then leave...look for something else. You are not in bonded servitude with BA.  But if you want to continue working (and enjoy the benefits of industry travel perks etc) then just suck it up princess!

Whenever I see them milling around the lobby of the Sofitel Wentworth, I feel like going up and shaking some sense into them. Hahah!

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