Virgin Australia to mount European push with Singapore Airlines

By John Walton, June 27 2012
Virgin Australia to mount European push with Singapore Airlines

Virgin Australia has its eyes on the European prize, with plans to codeshare Singapore Airlines flights to Paris and Amsterdam alongside its existing European routes with partner Etihad.

The move will give business travellers more flights, more flexibility -- and the chance to earn more Velocity frequent flyer points.

The routes would also set Virgin Australia, Etihad and SQ against the existing Qantas-Air France codeshare to Paris via Singapore.

It also puts soon-to-be oneworld and Qantas partner Malaysia Airlines -- a former Virgin partner -- in the crosshairs, as MAS flies to both Paris and Amsterdam via its Kuala Lumpur hub.

Virgin’s application for codeshare status on these two SQ routes, lodged this week with aviation regulator IASC, would mean you earn the full Virgin Australia rate of Velocity frequent flyer points along with point bonuses for Silver, Gold and Platinum members.

New codeshares are especially good news for passengers based outside Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, who would have an increased range of connection options when booking with Virgin Australia.

Those passengers could use Singapore Airlines' flights via Changi rather than requiring a connection in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to Virgin Australia or Etihad planes.

(Singapore Airlines has flagged a desire to boost its flights into Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth this year, beginning with an increase in Adelaide-Singapore flights from July 2.)

The move also signals Virgin’s willingness to ‘double dip’ on routes by offering flights with two partners in Virgin chief John Borghetti’s growing ‘virtual network’.

John Walton

Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since. Well, except when facing rearwards in business class.


10 Sep 2011

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DJ now gets you to Europe. What about connections elsewhere in Europe that necessitate an airline connection?  SAS and Blue 1 for Scandinavia in particular?  Could DJ be setting up some niche alliances down the track for these types of connections?

27 Jul 2011

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They should just join Star Alliance already.

09 Nov 2011

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Anything would be better than Qantas with BA - Heathrow = eeeww. In most cases, you fly an extra 3 - 4 hours plus endure Heathrow to get to your destination. With Amsterdam or Paris - you have not only closer and multiple airline options, but also TGV and Thalys trains to wisk you away straight from the airports. Oh and lets not forget the rather large gap between the exceptional SQ service as opposed to the QF service. Then there is of course thoe forever the dearest airfares that QANTAS charges. If Qantas is worried about their deminishing International services - direct the blame with marketing.

Let's look at the current Business class return (all plus tax) to Europe offerings on

Emirates (31 Destinations) = $7450

Qantas = $7480

Etihad = $7295

Virgin Atlantic upper class = $6150

Thai = $4995

Malaysia = $5370

JAL = $5095

Asiana = $4795

China Southern = $4300

Stop complaining about loosing business Qantas and do something about it.


04 Nov 2010

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Go Virgin, go, the more of these alliances and alternatives you give the Aussie business traveller the better!

10 Apr 2012

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A great move SQ.I have with a few exceptions in 1990,2006 and 2010 have always used them whenever I have gone to Singapore(Those Years I mentioned I flew Qantas)and never had a problem with them.If this can save you a few dollars oN AIRFARES as a codeshare using the DJ or VA Code then all for it.

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