Vodafone extends $5/day roaming to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and more

By David Flynn, January 26 2014
Vodafone extends $5/day roaming to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and more

Vodafone Australia extends its $5 per day data roaming deal to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand this week.

Beginning January 23rd, Vodafone subscribers on the carrier's globetrotter-friendly Red plans can now use their Australian plan's call, text and data allowance for an extra $5 each day.

This includes access to local 3G or 4G networks with unlimited standard calls and text messages back to Australia as well as within the country you’re currently in, plus free SMS messaging. 

”We want to give our customers the experience of using their smartphones in Asia just as they would when they’re at home in Australia" said Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke.

Vodafone’s Red roaming footprint already includes New Zealand, the USA, the UK and most countries in Europe.

The Vodafone Red plans start from $50 per month for a SIM-only plan with 1.5GB of data, with $65 for 2.5GB and $85 for 5GB; a choice of Apple, HTC and Samsung smartphones is available as part of the package for an extra $15 per month.

(Australian telephone support is also part of the Red recipe, with all support calls answered by a support centre based in Hobart rather than being flung off to India or the Philippines.)

For more details, click through to vodafone.com.au/red

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

20 Feb 2013

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Well done Voda. Im a RED customer and used this on a recent trip to the U.S. and NZ. So damn convenient to not have to use a local SIM or have a different number and miss important calls from home.

Gotta love the RED :).

Emirates Airlines - Skywards

07 Sep 2012

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Have been a RED customer since the first week they began - best plan I've ever had. Only hassle I've had is that there can often be  a few hours delay receving txts while in NZ, whether they come from NZ or Aust.

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