Your complete guide to Singapore Airlines inflight WiFi

Here's everything you need to know about staying connected in the clouds on your next Singapore Airlines flight.

By Brandon Loo, August 13 2019
Your complete guide to Singapore Airlines inflight WiFi

Singapore Airlines has inflight WiFi onboard a large proportion of its fleet, giving travellers on long-distance flights a way to keep in touch with the world below.

However, the internet experience hasn't always been consistent. Some older aircraft are still fitted with older satellite technology, which means slower speeds and leaner data limits.

Conversely, newer jets have 'next-gen' equipment which is capable of offering complimentary unlimited WiFi for a select few.

This Executive Traveller guide to Singapore Airlines WiFi has all the information you need to stay up to date with the airline’s inflight internet service. 

Does Singapore Airlines have inflight WiFi?

Yes, most Singapore Airlines flights have WiFi. It's mainly found on routes between major capital cities, served by Airbus A350s, A380s, Boeing 787-10s and Boeing 777-300ERs.

Which Singapore Airlines flights have WiFi?

First, you just need to know what aircraft you'll be flying on – this is found in your booking itinerary.

Flight 1 is operated by an Airbus A350 which has WiFi. Flight 2 is operated by an Airbus A330 which doesn't.
Flight 1 is operated by an Airbus A350 which has WiFi. Flight 2 is operated by an Airbus A330 which doesn't.

Here's a table to easily check if your next flight has WiFi. 

Singapore Airlines aircraft     WiFi-enabled?   WiFi generation  WiFi provider
Airbus A350 (long-range and ULR) Yes Next-gen Panasonic
Airbus A350 (regional) Yes Next-gen SITA OnAir
Boeing 787-10 Yes Next-gen Panasonic
Airbus A380 (refurbished and new) Yes Next-gen SITA OnAir
Airbus A380 (unrefurbished) Yes Last-gen SITA OnAir
Boeing 777-300ER Yes Mix of both Mix of both
Airbus A330s, Boeing 777-200s, Boeing 777-300s No N/A N/A

Adding another layer of complexity, there are also two providers of WiFi for Singapore Airlines – Panasonic (which the airline describes as 'next-gen') and SITA OnAir (which is a mix of WiFi generations). These providers have slightly different WiFi offerings available, as you'll read later.

How do I know if my Singapore Airlines flight has WiFi?

There's no easy way to tell apart from checking what aircraft your flight will use. If it's an Airbus A350, Airbus A380, Boeing 787 or Boeing 777-300ER, then your flight should have WiFi.

How much does Singapore Airlines WiFi cost?

In August 2019, Singapore Airlines standardised the cost of in-flight WiFi across the fleet for a more uniform experience. There are now three data-based plans:

  • Chat is optimised for text-only messaging services, with 30MB of data over two hours, and costs US$3.99 (A$5.90)
  • Pro offers a faster connection suitable for web browsing and emails, with 100MB of data for US$9.99 (A$14.80)
  • Premium tops out at 200MB for US$15.99 (A$23.65)

If you use more than the prescribed amount of data, you'll need to buy another session to continue.

Does Singapore Airlines have free WiFi?

Yes, there are three ways to access Singapore Airlines WiFi for free.

  • By class of travel: On newer planes with next-gen WiFi, business class passengers get 100MB for free while first class passengers get unlimited sky-high WiFi. On older planes with last-gen WiFi, those limits are 30MB for business class and 100MB free for first class.
  • By PPS Status: If you hold Singapore Airlines PPS Status, you get the business class complimentary 100MB or 30MB allowance of data depending on the aircraft type.
  • With Mastercard and Boingo: Selected Mastercard holders worldwide get a complimentary Boingo account which unlocks free and unlimited WiFi on board Singapore Airlines, regardless of the class of travel. This is only valid on newer aircraft with next-gen WiFi connectivity by Panasonic – refer to the table above. In Australia, the 28 Degrees Card offers this perk.
Access Singapore Airlines in-flight WiFi for free on selected flights with Mastercard and Boingo
Access Singapore Airlines in-flight WiFi for free on selected flights with Mastercard and Boingo

How fast is Singapore Airlines WiFi?

WiFi onboard Singapore Airlines usually runs at a download speed of up to 10Mbps, which is on-par with some slower home connections. Upload speeds have traditionally been slower, so you'll struggle to send photos or large files to other people.

As with any network, performance depends on the number of users connected as well as the plane's location.

Do I need the Singapore Airlines App to use WiFi?

No, you don't need the Singapore Airlines App to access inflight WiFi. Just connect to the network as you normally would at home.

How do I access Singapore Airlines WiFi?

  • Put your device into flight mode if possible, but then turn on WiFi again. Ensure background updates and unnecessary apps are switched off
  • Find and connect to the 'KrisWorld' network
  • On the next page, either activate your complimentary allowance or purchase a plan
  • You are now connected to the internet! Keep this page open, as it tells you your data allowance remaining and lets you pause the connection if you're not using the device for a while.

Can I use my Singapore Airlines WiFi allowance across separate flights?

No, all WiFi plans (complimentary or paid) are only valid for one flight sector. This means even if you purchased a plan on SQ2 from Singapore to Hong Kong, it will not be valid on the onwards leg which sees SQ2 continue from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Can I use my Singapore Airlines WiFi allowance across separate devices?

Yes, but only one device at a time can be active. Before switching, pause the connection on the first device before disconnecting. Then on the new device, connect to the 'KrisWorld' network and log in with your details again to continue your browsing session.

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