Cathay Pacific to get new business class amenity kits

By David Flynn, August 26 2015
Cathay Pacific to get new business class amenity kits

Cathay Pacific is looking to roll out all-new amenity kits for business class passengers, replacing the current ‘wrap’ design which was introduced only in January this year.

CX calls a wrap on the current business class amenity kit?
CX calls a wrap on the current business class amenity kit?

That kit has been criticised by many travellers, compared to the Agnes B pouches which were a popular part of the Cathay experience since 2007.

One of the more recent colourful Agnes B designs
One of the more recent colourful Agnes B designs

The current unisex kits were designed by Hong Kong luggage brand Seventy Eight Percent and contain Jurlique skincare products, which were also include in the Agnes B bags.

Cathay Pacific has shortlisted four designs, which have been presented to members of its Insights online customer feedback panel.

“To further improve and enhance our amenity kits bag design, we are now looking at 4 potential options for Cathay Pacific's Business Class long haul flights,” the airline says.

Up for a spot next to your seat on Cathay Pacific's long-range international flights are these stylish slim pouches...

... and more conventionally-shaped zip-top bags.

We like the way this one opens all the way down the sides and packs a handy front pocket.

Each of the very different designs is being rated on colour, shape, practicality, space within the bag, the way it opens and closes, and suitability to be re-used “for other purposes after the flight.”

Cathay pacific is also polling customers on each bag’s suitability “for both make and female passengers” as well as how well-matched they are to the airline’s brand.

An additional screen lets customers ‘drag and drop’ bags into brand-related groups, including bags which are clearly from Cathay Pacific against those created by “another designer brand” for the airline.

Panel members are also being asked to rate the four candidates against the current and previous bags.

What’s your take on these news bags, and what can airlines do to make a better amenity kit for business travellers and frequent flyers?

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Air China - Phoenix Miles

20 Dec 2012

Total posts 105

CX will replace 330 by 777-300ER for all four flights to Sydney this October.

12 Feb 2013

Total posts 46

No they won't. Only CX100/101 will switch over to the 777 on 1st October in addition to CX138/139, which still leaves CX110/111 and CX161/162 still run by the 330.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

19 Mar 2014

Total posts 569

Damn.... I booked on 162 unwittingly knowing it as A330!


Air China - Phoenix Miles

20 Dec 2012

Total posts 105

Pilot roster shows no more 330 to Sydney from October.

Anyway let's wait and see what's goint to happen next month.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Nov 2011

Total posts 363

What does that have to do with amenity kits??

11 Mar 2012

Total posts 313

Having flown CX J outward to receive the Agnes B version and inward to receive the 78% version last Xmas.  I'd have to go with my preference being the Agnes B.  The 78% bag felt horrible, wasn't particularly reuseable and wasn't as easy to use.

I have left every single 78% bag aboard and kept every Agnes B one. 

Nuff said :)

Dragonair - The Marco Polo Club

10 May 2015

Total posts 12

I think its great that they're listening to what their customers have to say! 

That being said, I personally prefer design R or Q, it seems the most usable and visually appealing. 


16 Nov 2012

Total posts 58

Me too, especially R. I've kept a lot of their bags as they're useful for many things, even the current lot.

When I've continued from CX to AY, it's a great disappointment to get a revolting paper bag. I'm not much interested in the contents, it's the bag I want, especially CX's.

British Airways - Executive Club

28 Mar 2014

Total posts 74

Q looks lovely but size not so good.  R and S have a great pocket which may be handy for fast track/ lounge invites?. 

P is dreadful as is the current 78. Never got an Agnes B but it looks as if male f/emale are different and I prefer unisex


American Airlines - AAdvantage

20 Jun 2012

Total posts 25

Related to amenity kits is the issue of pyjamas - is it bad form to wear Qatar / Thai PJ's (from Bus class) in CX business class? Or is it justa  hint that CX pj's in Business would be a nice touch...:)

Cathay Pacific - The Marco Polo Club

26 Jan 2015

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The cathay amenity kits are worse than economy on other airlines.As a diamond member i just see this as another cost cutting area of cathay,like no salt and pepper.Such petty things,really diapponitsme with cathay,as food runs out on international flights .They promote new burgers but for a full buisness flight they have 5 only.

This is direct from the staff themselves

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