Should reclining seats should be "banned" on flights?

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Phil Young


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It's extraordinary how passionate most people are abut this issue.  Half the people insist that it's their right to recline their seat anytime out of meal times, whereas the other half are the victims of seats being reclined into them and want them banned.

There's only one solution to this.  The left-hand side of the plane will have reclining seats, the right-side will have fixed seats, and passengers can select their preferred seating type.


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Unless I wish to sleep, I don't recline my seat. However, I have never experienced people reclining in front of me and causing drinks to spill or reducing space.

I think this proposal on the Brisbane Times should only be applied to airlines with tight seats, say 29 inches or less. People who pay for a full service carrier expect a better seat with comfort, and therefore deserve to be able to recline.

Airlines should make their seatback entertainment screens moveable so one can still see the screen properly when the passenger in front leans back.


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I generally don't recline my seat on a flight unless it is a long haul. I don't think it is necessary to recline on a flight of less than 90 minutes either. I agree with undertheradar that common sense/courtesy has gone out the window. I see so many people recline their seat as soon as they want - even on flights to Canberra. I mean come on people seriously!!!


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On the one hand, yes, it may seem a little self-interested to recline your seat back during meals and during short flights. On the other hand, some airlines may advertise this as a core characterstic of their product. As an example, Qantas describe their economy class seat as having "adjustable headrests and seat recline which are sure to keep you comfortable" ( I would be the least bit pleased if I'd booked with Qantas with this being one of the key purchasing inducements, only to be prevented from using the function because the person behind doesn't like others reclining.

I follow the chart that watson374 added. Ultimately, I echo the sentiments of some people when I say that think that people need to be more courteous of others - on both sides. Within the context of economy class and I really don't mean to be rude when I say this: I think that if one does not pay for a higher class of service, one cannot expect the benefits that are granted to those who do. The trade-off of lower airfares are generally more restrictive conditions - space or otherwise. To those who would kick the seat if one were to be reclining on the 16 hour flight to Dubai or LA, please keep this in mind. 

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