Hi all, first post for me with an important JQ Tokyo update.

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Hi all, first post for me with an important JQ Tokyo update.

This is the first time I am flying JQ international, as Qantas does not fly direct to Tokyo, I am forced to fly Jetstar.

Jetstar had a Travel Alert for Narita Airport, so I clicked on it. I read that as of today Jetstar is moving to Terminal 3 at Narita.

My concern is that Terminal 3 does not give me access to the Qantas Club which is located in Terminal 2. It gives me no alternative option for any other lounge either.

At no stage during the booking process was it advised that JQ was moving to terminal 3 which would have led me to check if there was a business lounge available.

As a business traveller who lives on aeroplanes and in airports, I live in the business lounge before departure to - do business!

So I'm now left with a departing flight from Narita to Melbourne with no access to a lounge before I depart which is during business hours and right in the middle of the day when I need access to a lounge.

How will Jetstar/Qantas give an alternative solution to this major change?


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Are you bound to QFF and didn't want to see your points earning potential frittered away by flying CX to NRT via HKG?


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Hi SB,

I'm assuming that you're flying JQ24 NRT-MEL departing NRT at 12:15pm?

Narita Terminal 3 is a low-cost carrier terminal that opened yesterday.

Really, the only place you could probably try to sit down in would be the food court (largest in Japan), but with all the noise and distractions it probably won't be very helpful.

Maybe you could check-out later from your hotel (if you're staying in one).

Remember - Jetstar Business is similar to Qantas Premium Economy!




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You're flying Jetstar. Their attitude will be that they don't owe you anything. 


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Jetstar dont care if Qantas status passengers have lounge access when flying Jetstar or not.

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and..Scoot dont care if SIA status pax have lounge access when flying Scoot or not...and ThaiSmile dont care if Thai status pax have lounge access or not..just 2 examples...there are a few more 


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Poor old Melbourne is stuck with a direct JQ service horrible arrival and depature times on both ends and JQ business and no lounge access in NRT. I know that they do not have to offer lounge access for QF elite pax but makes you wonder why people on business would even bother travelling with them.

I guess the alternates are:

JQ via OOL or CNS - forget it

QF via Bne /NRT - not sure when this starts but early AM dep ex Mel, and transit BNE!

QF via SYD/HND- coming up, but the transit in SYD seems to get worse every time I use it.

SQ via SIN/ NRT and HND plus a host of other Japanese Cities and great transit,longer flight time, same for CX.. 

It is a pity that Qantas doesn't offer a direct service out of Mel I am sure the demand is there.




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Thank you to all who have provided your thoughts, suggestions and experiences - they are certainly appreciated.

Number 1 priority is always direct, no scenic tours of stopover airports which eliminates well everything except Jetstar! The shortest with stopover comes in +2.5 hours.  Too long.  Surprisingly there doesn't seem to be fare gauging (I'll hold my breath, or hence the move to LCCT).

I do hope that the comment about the food court being the largest in Japan is a sarcastic one...

What amazes (infuriates) me is that Jetstar have opened a Jetstar branded retail shop in this new T3 terminal.  Wow how their decision was made possibly by a toss of a coin, heads it's a lounge or tails and it's a shop.  Tails always fails.  Or should we assume a Priority Pass typer generic lounge could be on the cards?  Either way, no lounge on Day 1 is a fail.  Thanks again all, positive side is that the cherry blossoms are still in bloom. 


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Hi SB,

Thanks for your feedback on the new Low Cost Carrier terminal at Narita Airport.  

Since we have moved we have also had feedback from customers who are pleased with the new facilities.

While there isn’t access to the Qantas Lounge, the new facilities are very modern and provide improved connectivity between Jetstar International services and Jetstar Japan’s domestic services. This is another measure that helps reduce our costs which, in turns, helps us to keep offering low fares.

We have had a look at our communications on this and, while we are telling customers of the change of terminal and we did contact our customers that had purchased Business Max Bundles (that include lounge access) to inform them of the change and offer alternatives, we could do better. We will make some changes to improve the communication on this.


Luke Enright
Jetstar Corporate Comms



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Hi all

I regularly travel from Gold Coast to Narita with Jetstar. I can travel with Qantas or another airline if I want to go via Sydney or Brisbane but as I have a direct flight I am happy to fly business class with Jetstar. Unfortunately living on the Gold Coast one is very restricted for some reason in their ability to fly with Qantas and as a result Jetstar is the only option (if you want to keep it Australian). I now believe I am to be refused access to my Qantas Club lounge in Narita. What does my membership get me? I get kicked out of the lounge at Gold Coast  once the Qantas flight has left, I am forced to walk across to T3 in Sydney after they moved from T2. Hello Qantas please take my money for membership but do not provide me with any benefits even though you force me to fly with Jetstar.


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I won't miss the QF Lounge in T2, nothing special there & possibly the worst of all the outstations. But I will miss stopping off in the Sakura Lounge on thwe way.


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I just had my first experience of Narita Terminal 3 and have a single word for the entire experience, woeful! Unfortunately from Cairns we have no choice other than Jetstar so in addition to their poor offering and terrible service we had to endure a terminal that exposed you to the elements, looks unfinished, poor location to transport and inadequate check-in faciliies that meant there was not a snowball's chance in hell that the flight would get away on time. If anyone wants their first and last impressions of Japan to be ruined then by all means, fly Jetstar to Narita Terminal 3. I simply have nothing positive to say about the experience whatsoever. 

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