Crappy and least crappy US airports.

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Crappy and least crappy US airports.

Hello everyone,

Just wondering which big US airport in your opinion is the least crappy and also the crappiest one (LAX imo). Have a good night thanks everyone!


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LAX was v v bad, but has improved in recent 12 months.  New QF lounges and Tom Bradley shops help a lot.  Dallas arrival experience is much better and faster with much friendlier US visa screening people than LAX.  IMHO, Denver is the worst airport in USA.  For 2 reasons: 1) being on the flat prairie but with the huge mountains behind, the weather seems so unpredictable - making for lots and lots of cancelled flights, delayed flights and other weather-related problems.  2) Related to the first issue, Denver Airport is just so far from the downtown that it's not worth getting a cab to go explore if you're delayed.  So it means a very boring sit in the airport for several hours. The US FF lounges are also rubbish in Denver (I use AA which is not a patch on QF lounges). The airport hotels are also a long drive from the terminal if you get delayed overnight. 


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Honolulu is a nightmare to transit through

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Least crappy of the majors? Minneapolis. Especially if you don't have access to a lounge. Lounges in the U.S. can be less comfortable than the rest of the aitport in many places anyway, and MSP is somewhere you'll enjoy.


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Chicago-O'Hare normally wins the proud title of The Crappiest Airport In The Entire USofA.

= Over a quarter of all flights are delayed - mostly due to winter snowstorms, summer fog/thunderstorms, spring/autumn winds or whatever.

= Humongous crowds (of mostly frustrated) travellers.

Although I think New York La Guardia also deserves a special mention.

US Vice President Joe Biden recently called LGA "An airport from a third-world country" (which was deeply disrespectful to many third-world countries with reasonably nice airports)


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SFO is nice.


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With the new International terminal in LAX I'd put JFK at the bottom of the major US airport pile. At least with LAX the terminals are within walking distance. JFK is huge, dissorganised, and requires 3+ trains to get just about anywhere on Manhattan to avoid being at the mercy of NYCtraffic.


Most underrated: DTW. Clean, funky, modern, good food options, and if you're bored just ride the monorail. 


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SeaTac is pretty good. No worse than most Australian airports.


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Would agree on Chicago...terrible place.


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Chicago-ORD and LAX (especially for transiting into domestic flight) are definitely the worst. SFO is not bad.

A 'good' american airport is yet to surface.


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Worst gate area: SAN (Diego, that is). Just one big octagon, nowhere to go.

Most annoying experience: MIA. Christmas music blaring from every possible speaker at all times.

Worst queue I've seen: SMF (Sacramento).  It was a one-off though.

A grab-bag: HNL. The longhaul side is architecturally ugly, but the indoor-outdoor nature and the cool breezes and gardens make it actually quite pleasant. Occasional cool plane-spotting opportunities due to the USAF presence; I saw an F-22 last time.

Most improved: LAX, if you're at the Bradley terminal. 

Almost the worst overall but redeemed by the presence of a Legal Seafood: PHL

But the worst overall airport prize goes to... Las Vegas. Hideous, crowded, noisy, poker machines everywhere, the worst possible distribution of people. Redeemed by nothing.


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Dullus is looking rather good now - was impressed with the upgrade when we flew there last year.  Through immigration in about 15 mins from plane landing.

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