Qantas or Emirates First Class We are looking to fly BNE/LHR and have the option of either Qantas or Emirates.

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Qantas or Emirates First Class

We are looking to fly BNE/LHR and have the option of either Qantas or Emirates. Travelling as a couple, Emirates offers the option to sit side by side whereas Qantas suites are offset. Putting that aside, what is the general consensus as to which is the better product for the long flight? Many thanks for your opinions.

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As a general consensus, most people would rate Emirate's First Suite on A380 above Qantas'. Not only you get a private suite, you have shower onboard.

The other advantage is obviously that you don't need to transit in SYD/MEL. Transiting in SYD/MEL will require you to collect your luggage, clear the custom, squeeze in the shuttle bus (which is not seated according to class) and check in again when you come back. But the advantage is perhaps more status credit and QFF points, also you get access to Qantas F lounge in Sydney which is one of the best in the world.


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Fully agree with the above however if transiting via Sydney or Melbourne on the same ticket, you wont have to collect your bags, unless you have selected an overnight connection.


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Is there an Option to do both? If you don't mind transitting for a little longer in DXB you could try both e.g. Emirates from BNE to DXB then Qantas from DXB to LHR. Or you could do Qantas from LHR to DXB then Emirates from DXB to BNE.

If you don't want to wait around in the lounge or exxplore DXB, my choice would be Qantas, I don't really like the glitz and fake gold that Emirates offers aboard. Though they do have a shower.

Pretty much up to you, it is your choice!

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It's a pity you can't include SQ in your options . They are way better and you do have the wonderful suites in the centre row for couples , one of which converts into a double bed. It's worth trying to see if you can use SQ


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Both Qantas and Emirates offer great First Class products.

Qantas is more understated and Emirates more 'glamorous'. As you've identified, Emirates gives couples the option to sit together in the middle of the cabin where as Qantas keeps all passengers in their own suites (all be it with the option to dine together. I've experienced this and it's great so long as your dining companion isn't too large (the companion seat is actually the foot stool – but a comfy one at that). The food on both is excellent, although Qantas probably have the edge with the degustation option. Assuming you’re a Qantas Frequent Flyer, there may be a benefit points/status credit wise as far as flying QF over EK.

If it’s on-board experience you’re mainly interested - a key differentiator between Emirates and Qantas though is the amazing bar at the rear of the upper deck which Business and First passengers enjoy. It’s very well stocked with drinks and canapes and a dedicated crew member behind the bar, the atmosphere is relaxed with a couple of sofas and it’s a great way to break up the long flight from Australia to Dubai without being confined to just your suite.

Finally, if you want to experience Qantas’ First Lounge  – see if you can transit via SYD or MEL. Both Qantas and Emirates First passengers have access (although openings are timed to Qantas departures as Emirates also operate their own lounges in SYD/MEL and BNE) and both the SYD and MEL lounges are worth a visit. Keep in mind you’ll eat very well on board so don’t do too overboard with the Neil Perry designed menu!

Hope this helps and safe travels.  


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For me it would be Qantas all the way.  The onboard experience is just so much better than on Emirates.  The meals on Qantas are fantastic and the Cabin Crew much more knowledgable and friendly.

The last time I flew First on Emirates, I asked a crew member what was in one of their cocktails.  She didn't know (that would never happen on Qantas) but rather than finding out and letting me know, she just came back later and handed me the recipe book that the bartender uses.

The shower on Emirates is a quaint novelty but is it really necessary?  On Qantas you can spend the entire flight in your complimentary pyjamas so that your clothes are still nice and fresh when you arrive. What more do you need?

All in all, it is definately a much more premium experience on Qantas.


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I always fly on a QF code when opperated my EK to ensure that one collects the most status credits and points. Try to book with a combination with QF and EK. I do like EK's First Suites but then again I do like the pollished service on QF 

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The food on EK first is disappointing!

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