Tipping at Qantas LAX First lounge?

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I'm a regular in the qantas first lounge at lax. I've gotten to know quite a few of the staff, and the service that I get from them, as well as the great conversation is second to none, even to the point that they remember what drink I like to order. I always slip $10 their way when I leave.

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I leave a few dollars tip for the people who tend to the showers in the LAX business lounge. They provide me with great service including toothbrushes and razors so why not tip?
   The counter-argument would be: that's what they're paid to do!


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Many have already pointed out that following local custom is a good way to go. As most of you know, we yanks tip for everything. Sorry if these points below have already been made.

-American staff in a club lounge with such a large overseas user base will likely understand that not everyone passing through will be tipping, or even have the left over USD to do it with. 

-Because we are talking about the LAX lounge, the staff is paid at least the California minimum wage. Unlike the rest of the U.S.,California does not have a lower minimum wage for tipped workers. I'm suggesting that you should not tip in California, but I do tip a bit less on average in CA as the base wage there is nearly 5x what is required by federal law and applied by most, if not all other states. 

I tip a bit at the lounge, if I have cash. But I'm doing so as a true thank you, and not to top up wages as is the case in America at large.


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The Australian way is a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. The workers AR paid well enough that they don't need tips. Good service should be provided without any expectation of a tip. In a QANTAS branded lounge anywhere in the world I wouldn't want to tip as that sends the wrong message.


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On another forum a Qantas rep actually said that tipping in any Qantas lounge is not needed. Staff, especially in the LAX lounge have been told that they are not to accept or ask for tips.


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As we Malaysians are fond of saying "Don't spoil the market".  If it is not the norm now, don't start it. If the lounge staff are already paid adequately unlike the waiters at US restaurants, don't start it.

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