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Got a lucky upgrade to F for DFW-SYD on QF0008. Any suggestions on which lounge can/should I use at DFW? Am also QF Gold.



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Qantas don't have their own lounge and I used the associate lounge when I travelled earlier this year which was ok. The location is not far from the gate where the flight leaves. Unless owned by Qantas your choices are limited and quality is poor. Given you are in first you may get other options. Enjoy the trip in First.

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American are in the process of upgrading a lot of their lounges. The new Flagship lounges are way better than the old ones. I was in DFW a few weeks back and the Admiral's Club there was in the midst of a reno. The new bit was very good but still being expanded, so very crowded. The old bit was extremely tired and the whole set up was suffering from being mostly a work site.

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Travelling in F, the AA Flagship Lounge will be your best option.


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I was at both the Qantas and AA lounge last night (travelling F on QF8), and neither were much to write home about. I preferred sitting in a bar and watching the sport.

That said I also visited AA's flagship lounges in New York and Chicago in the last week and they were fine/good. Good for a domestic lounge but certainly not an international first class lounge quality


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The QF 3rd party operated in DFW is definitely not the best, but at least you can shower prior the flight and get some nibbles. Agreed, the flagship appears to be the best option.

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If you happen to have an AMEX Platinum charge card or Centurion Card, the Centurion Lounge in Dallas/Fort Worth is far nicer than any of the airline lounges you'll have access to - even has free spa treatments!


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Went through DFW a few times earlier in the year. Very limited in the business lounge. Snack type items really. Dips, soups, crackers. The Guacamole bar was great though - freshly made with your choice of ingredients (peppers, bbq corn, etc) plus the obligatory 'have a nice day!'. As a QF Platinum you get to go into a glass walled box is the best description and is a little claustraphobic. Buffet style with a few reasonable options but nothing to write home about surrounded by a few dining tables.


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Flew Qantas MEL>DFW last month in First and discovered that American has just opened Flagship First Dining in a very small room within the Terminal D lounge. I wasn't given access automatically - had to get a date stamped card at the reception desk.

As discussed at the loungebuddy website, there nothing to get excited about. Especially compared to the Qantas First lounges in Sydney and Melbourne. Make sure you book a massage!



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This discussion is 4 years old. I'm flying SYD > DFW > YYZ (Toronto) with 5 hours to kill in DFW with Qantas Club membership and a AA boarding pass to Canada. I sure hope Admirals Club let me in!

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