Hilton elite benefits on travel agent bookings

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Hilton will only recognise your status if your stay is booked via a GDS or Global Distrubution System. On a work trip last year my stay was booked via Qantas travel online and even as Hilton Diamond in a hotel I had stayed at regularly I received no benefits, points or lounge access. No amount of writing to the manager changed this. This new policy came in early 2017.

How do I know if my stay is booked via a GDS? The websites generally won't tell you.

My understanding is that the GDS is one of the travel agent systems like Sabre or Amadeus. it has to be one of these systems.


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I’ve always had my Hilton Diamond status recognised worldwide when booking through our company travel provider.


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I haven't had my Hilton status level acknowledged when staying in Las Vegas and booked with a travel agent, same in Los Angeles. Told me my status would only be recognised if I booked through their website. No point in having a status anymore with Hilton.



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I am a Hilton Diamond Member. I booked the Hilton Brisbane though AMEX which was $40 cheaper. I was refused ALL benefits as I didn't book direct. I was told I should have contacted them to get the price promise. I responded that they should be offering the best price immediately to show loyalty to its members. I do not have time messing around being put on hold then emailing evidence of a cheaper price.

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I think it is ridiculous that Hilton allows Agoda.com and Booking.com to promote their Rooms, and then penalise us ad Hilton Honours Member and refuse us any Benefits during our stays. If they are so againts Agents, why then offer if through them, if we as the Guests keeping Hilton open, are denied and punished when we bood via a Agent.

Unfair business practise!!!


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We recently changed corporate travel agent from Amex to Egencia. I now also found out that as a result, HHonors points are not rewarded anymore when booked through Egencia. With Amex it was. Might need to find a fix for that although that would probably mean breaking our travel policy ;-)

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