BA Club Europe - AWFUL

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Been lucky (I think) recently on Finnair between HEL and LHR. Most recently A350 one way and A330 the other, all with proper business class. Ooh and the blueberry juice. Who else does blueberry juice?


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Just back from UK etc, it's better not to bother with 'business class' as it's not...!!! Use your OW status (or other) to select the best seats down the back. Easier, cheaper and you know exactly what you'll get - not much. :)


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I've flown this 767 you're talking about (or another identical one).

What a dump of a plane it is.

I've flown BA Club Europe (ie business class) on their A320s and it's quite the joke.

The seats are identical to economy.

The pitch is identical to economy.

The ONLY difference in the hard product is that the middle seat is blocked off with a divider.

The soft product is fine, but nothing special.

One benefit though is you can get cheap business class to tourist destinations and get a lot of QF status credits. eg London to Faro can be had for around $500AUD return and gives 120 status credits.

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