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My wife and I are heading to Europe in April, QF to Singapore where we have an 8hr layover before doing Qatar J through to Europe. Flights are booked on 2 separate tkts but all flights appear on my FF account with Qantas. With 8 hours we were going to make the most of the transit hotel at Changi. So here’s my question: Is it possible to check luggage all the way through when we checkin at BNE or do we have to enter Singapore and collect our luggage and then checkin with Qatar. They are after all both part of the Oneworld alliance. If it’s the latter then we can’t use the transit hotel which is located before immigration. I’ve had conflicting answers from Qantas when I asked. Any ideas ?


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its a tricky one. policy used to be that one world airlines would through check baggage to other alliance members even if the tickets were on different PNR's

however, now (due to lobbying by british airways) that is no longer the case and one world airlines don't have to through check but can at their own discretion (cathay has policy of doing this).
meaning that your best bet would be to ask nicely at the qantas check in but don't get your hopes up. most likely out come would be that you have to exit and recheck in singapore with qatar.

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If the bags are not through-checked, try the transit desk at SIN.

They can usually have your bags picked up and retagged without having to go land-side.

And if one of your flights is an award booking, QF should still check the bags through.


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Even if you have to collect baggage and check in again, you should be able to do this very quickly, and you'll be able to take advantage of early check-in to get back airside ASAP.

P.S.: If you're staying in the T1 transit hotel, make sure you use the pool—it's wonderfully refreshing—but dine outside the hotel.


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I wouldn't worry about using a transit hotel and go out and check out the local dining scene in Singapore and explore some sights :)


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I wouldn't worry about using a transit hotel and go out and check out the local dining scene in Singapore and explore some sights :)

Not everyone is a gunslinger like you or me! If they're in Y, the lie-down and swim would be a godsend. (Also, the minced pork noodle stall in the T2 airside food court is actually pretty decent.)

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If you do want to use the transit hotel, book online, don't rely on just turning up and booking there and then, very likely there will be no open spots.

In about 1996 or so, even back then I was advised that if I wanted to use the rooms, best to prebook prior to arrival into Changi.
Changi Airport should have details of the transit hostel website name.
Google might bring up the booking system for the hostel itself.


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If one of the flights is on points and the other is paid for, then ask QF to follow their policy:

"^ Exemptions apply for customers travelling on a oneworld separate PNRs
when using a combination of award travel and revenue travel."

I had the experience of QF staff saying no to interlining. Once I showed them a printout of their policy and explained my QF J flight was on points and the second flight (Qatar J) was paid for, then the suitcases were tagged straight through by QF to my final destination.

Hope this helps.



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I've recently stayed at aerotel at Changi and it was great, we had 12 hours transit, 6 were spent sleeping and letting our 10mo son roll around at aerotel, the others were spent shopping and at the lounge


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I've never had a problem with having luggage checked through.

I have all the ticketing info (e-tickets) and booking codes at hand when I check in. I arrive for check-in early before the rush sets in, when the staff are still fresh and don't have the rest of the growing queue in their sight-line.

I am super polite and ask if it is possible to check the baggage through. I don't waste the check-in staff's time by telling them 'my story' unless they want/ask to hear it (ie why I didn't book the flights at the same time, hence the different booking ref numbers etc). If they do ask, you can plead you case if they seem to be reluctant, though with them both being OneWorld carriers, I don't foresee a problem.

When they say 'yes' I am suitably appreciative, and full of thank-yous. If they say 'no', they cannot check them through, perhaps politely ask what you should do next time to avoid the drama (even if you know full well already). Befuddlement, real or feigned, goes a long way I have found - usually real in my case!

I'm a solo traveler, so I have never had your exact problem, but is it worth phoning to see if there is a way to associate the two bookings (for no fee!) in advance? Not sure if this is a thing that can be done, but worth a try perhaps.


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Hi Waz, me again.

I was just checking out the Changi Airport website (I will be passing through there myself later on this year and hadn't heard about the transit hotels before - so thanks for that) and found this:

See: Making Your Connecting Flight

Looking at this, (unless I am missing something) if Qantas have issued the boarding passes for the second flight, but for some reason have not been able to check the baggage through, you may still be able to just get your baggage transferred/redirected without going through immigration.

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