Are Jetgo so far under the radar they don't register as worst airline in the world

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After booking 6 flights with jet ex Wollongong (actually Shellharbour) as only achieving three due to mechanical, weather, other faults, I tried to book again.....

this is my complaint to these cowboys: as sent to their non-existent customer services


Faceless people

I Have been a supporter of jetgo since flights from wollongong to Melbourne to brisbane since inception.
I had encouraged my business to use you services.
No more
I tried to book a flight through your very average website.....but needed to change this before i confirmed.
your website would not let me cancel flight and rebook
i also tried to use alleged promotion code - but when entered found there were no tickets available. Despite there being tickets when i did not enter the code.
This makes a mockery of all of your advertising crap sent by email... re special deals.
I have now instructed my employees never to utilize you services, and as we have operations on wollongong (head office) , melbourne, brisbane, townsville rockhampton mackay and cairns, i imagine there will be only a minor impact on your business. However i shall certainly be advising my other business colleagues of you false advertising, and unworkable systems.
Your operation is an absolute disgrace, and i shall be also lodging a formal complaint with not only the regulators of your industry but with the ACCC.
And of course your customer service is non-existent.
I am sure that my colleagues at other regional airlines that are able to provide some level of service will also be delighted to see you people get out of the industry. Go back to crop spraying where you belong.

Regards xxxxxxx

Anyone else like to comment on this cowboy operation?


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Whilst I've never flown JetGo (they don't go where I need to) I've always been inspired by the interesting routes and gutsy attitude when it comes to opening new routes and trying out different markets (take the recent Brisbane to Singapore flights announcement). It's something which the Qantas link or VARA would never do as for them it's all about routes which they can make serious money on.

As for the promo code and website thing, it's disappointing but something which on a smaller budget then most airlines is required. I guess inexperience also plays a part something echoed through the first JetoGo magazine and not helped by the "Meet the Team" page which features their Operations Controller who's also a uni student and eventually hoping to become a pilot. Whilst the weather delays are understandable, maintenance issues are unacceptable if they occur that frequently but I guess that what you get from a fleet with an average age of 15.8 years old.

Now as I said earlier I think airlines like JetGo and Air North are crucial in providing airlinks between and fully support them however for JetGo to be successful into the future I think they need either Qantas or Virgin to come onboard and help the airline just like Qantas does with Air North. Qantas provide ground handling, catering, and technical support and in exchange they get a much larger regional network thanks to codeshare on Air North flights.


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When they run they are quite good to fly, quick little planes and quite comfortable, I have flown TSV-ROK quite a few times with Jetgo and long delays are common and they contract out airport services so very little info is provided when delays occur and yes I would have to agree the website is as basic as it gets. I would like to see them succeed and offer services and competition to the incumbents but I wouldn’t trust them to get me to a connecting flight overseas for example.


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I will agree that they need to a) get a better website and allow booking through third party booking systems and b) extend their customer service hours. But aside from that, I've had nothing but positive experiences with them.

I fly with them at least once a week from ROK to OOL and I will be forever grateful that I no longer have to do the commute from BNE to Gold Coast. I have had a few delays (but I've flown private, VA, Qantaslink & Jetstar on the ROK-BNE run over the last 10 years and I've had many, many cancellations and delays with all 3, likewise with Rex on other routes)

My customer service experience with JetGo has been exceptional. I once had a ticket booked: ROK-OOL (Jetgo), OOL-SYD (QF) and SYD-BNE-ROK (VA) and Rockhampton airport was closed for flooding and I was unable to make the trip. VA gave a travel credit no questions asked, same as Jetgo. QF gave me a travel credit for $120 but there was a $140 fee to actually use that credit, so they in effect gave me $-20.

When I went to actually use the travel credit with Jetgo, the fare price had gone up by $30 or whatever and I was fine with that, but their call center went above and beyond and paid the fare difference for me.

They are a small business and do have operational issues because of that, but it also gives them some flexibility in a situation. I would love to see them codeshare/get investment with a larger player.

Also, if the grammar and language OP posted is verbatim from the email actually sent to customer support, I would not expect them to take the complaint seriously.

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JetGo's booking and customer service systems certainly aren't as well resourced as the other big players. But let's face it - they are the only airline that has taken the initiative to offer a regular jet service out of Wollongong to Melbourne and Brisbane. It is wasn't for them your only option would be the drive to/from Sydney airport.


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Calling them Cowboys repeatedly, like you are on the lead in to a current affair expose, is probably not a good way to frame your point. As others have said above, their resources are limited but they do offer alternate routes which may otherwise be neglected. Might be worth looking at the on time performance of QantasLink's 717 fleet for a comparison, especially in regard to the delay's due to mechanical issues on those airframes despite being able to utilise the considerably larger resources of qantas.

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Most companies have a wall of shame, which is where complaints like this end up.

If you want to be taken seriously, stop with the empty threats, stay clear and concise and avoid the emotive fluff.

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