Using a Qantas business lounge AFTER a 'red-eye' flight

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Hello everyone... this has been discussed before but I don't have clarity, please help. Is it true that J class pax on the overnight flights to/from Australian capital cities can use the J lounge AFTER they arrive at their destination? I recall ausbt saying you could, but then I asked one QANTAS staff member who said you couldn't... so I'm confused. What is the official story? Chris/ausbt members if you could also chip in that would be great. Have any J class red eye pax been allowed entry upon disembarking? I have a flight coming up in July and I would really love to sleep for the whole 3hr30 and then have breakfast on arrival... thanks so much in advance.

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Qantas gives domestic lounge access on arrival to Platinum members and above regardless of travel class. You'd ideally be flying with only carry-on luggage, otherwise you'll need to pick up your suitcase from the carousel and store it somewhere before going back through security to access the lounge


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You can have Business Lounge access after your flight if you're flying in Business on one of the three red-eye flights from Perth to Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane ONLY.

I have used it myself personally after QF648 to Melbourne. Simply flashed my boarding pass at the door. I even had time to pick up my luggage, check it in with Virgin Australia for my next flight, then walk back to the Qantas Business Lounge for the better brekkie options available there.

Because PER-MEL is so short, sometimes under 3 hrs, the flight attendants were actively encouraging everyone to skip the onboard supper service, maximise sleep, and eat at the lounge afterwards. Easy flight for them...

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comments, it’ll help me get more sleep on the plane! 💤


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I have a same day return trip coming up in QF domestic business. Am I able to use the lounge on arrival if I show my return boarding pass (as that will be my next onward flight that day), even though the flight will be 8+ hours later? If so, does that prevent me from using the lounge again later that day just before I fly back?

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Access to domestic Qantas business lounges after a flight: yes, if you're a Platinum-grade Qantas Frequent Flyer or if you're on the actual red-eye flight from Perth to Sydney (QF568), Melbourne (QF648) and Brisbane (QF652) and seeking access to each airport's business lounge.

Access to a domestic Qantas business lounge on a same-day return flight, as per Chanvw's query above: yep, you can flash your boarding pass for the dame-day return flight and use the lounge 'on arrival', and this is not a one-time entry deal – you can revisit the lounge prior to your return flight later that day/evening.


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Agree with all the above. I'm a platinum FF and used the J lounge on arrival in Sydney from Canberra (economy flight), no quesitons asked


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This comment applies to non platinum flyers.
Qantas seems to be inconsistent in application of lounge access rules regarding the 3 red-eye flights already mentioned.
I recently checked in the Brisbane lounge and was told no access flying business class on Perth to Brisbane red-eye.
Different story in Melbourne where was told I would be very welcome.
Hard to figure.
Anyone checked Sydney?



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I've accessed the lounges on arrival, just show my card. However I think it only works if there is a counter in the lounge, rather than at the front desk.


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The inconsistency makes it difficult for travellers... I’m not platinum but I’ll be flying J class PER > BNE in July and really would like a definitive answer... can ausbt check what the official story is from QANTAS?

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