Changing anniversary date for Qantas FF

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Hi All,

My status credit anniversary year ends Feb 28. Currently Gold but never quite able to go Platinum. Historically I tend to fly to the USA in March. So question - has anyone ever negotiated a change in the anniversary date? Obviously accepting that this would be the new "normal" and not just a bonus month or two for the current year.


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would it actually help? your already getting the sc from your US trip at the start of the year. all you'd be doing by changing the date would be changing the time period in which the status credits are credited relative to the anniversary. Changing it won't actually help you hit platinum


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Many would be in the same situation, my date is 31 May but more than half of my credts would be Jun - Aug so that just means I start the year strong and then limp over the line late in the cycle, no difference, I actually don’t mind it this way and can then take a short trip somewhere Apr/May if I am going to be just short.


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Keep a look out for double SC or even 50% bonus SC promotions. If you don't already take advantage of those, starting to use those could make the difference between getting Platinum and missing out.

Also if you have the time consider doing some of your trips indirect e.g. MEL-BNE-CNS earns more than MEL-CNS direct. If you're close to getting Platinum flying a few trips that you would have done anyway indirect could make all the difference.

People plan what they expect their year of travel to be and the best way to get to their goal. There are online calculators that will tell you how many SC you'll get from your trips.

If you'll only be a little bit short still, going on a weekend away interstate or across the Tasman could make all the difference. On double SC, flying MEL-BNE-CNS in Business would earn 480 SC (240 SC + 240 Double SC). There's also MEL-SYD-OOL that's a shorter distance, cheaper but earns less SC than flying to CNS. Flying to NZ via SYD (if not based in SYD) or MEL (if not based in MEL) or BNE (if not based in BNE) are also good options.

There's loyalty bonuses at 500 SC and 1000 SC on QF where you can take 50 SC too. Taking the 50 SC rather than the points does make a difference. The loyalty bonus (50 SC) don't count towards further bonuses, neither do the bonus SCs from bonus SC promotions. So if you were on 0 SC and flew MEL-BNE-CNS in Business Class on Double Status Credits you'd be up to 480 SC for the year but still need a further 260 standard SC on QF to get your first loyalty bonus.

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To cut the fluff, you may request it but it won't happen


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Flexibility by the airline typically is for retention rate her than promotion. You’ll need to earn it (but of course ask!).


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While it is true that the T&C’s of the Double Status Credits promotion say that the bonus SC’s don’t count towards earning the Loyalty Bonus, in practice they do. The only thing that has not been counting towards a Loyal//ty Bonus is previous Loyalty Bonuses.

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