Ripped off by Lufthansa

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Can anyone advise if there is a body in the EU where we can lodge a complaint against Lufthansa to get our money back?

I travelled to Russia with my wife and 2 sons for the world cup. We booked 4 business class seats From St Petersburg to Munich, it was our understanding the tickets could be changed & refunded. We cancelled the flights to make to make a new flight. After cancelling the flights, we received an email a few days later to say it was cancelled and a refund 5788 RUB, a whopping $120 AU dollars form a $3'300 worth of flights. I nearly died, we had nothing saying this when we cancelled the flight.

This was still some 2 weeks prior to our flight date. We emailed Lufthansa almost daily requesting why so little refund, and if not, a refund can we put the flights back or at least give us credit on the flights like other airlines do, at least this way we don't lose our money. 

After 2 weeks of emails, the Customer relations department replies to us on the minute of the flight closing to say, "Based on our records, all four tickets were partially used" and the refund has already been made, Not true. I replied, this is not correct, and I have the tickets to prove it. I also asked why they waited until the minute of the flight closing to reply, and why could he have not done the decent thing for us. is it really that big of an ask? This was almost 2 weeks ago, more emails and no one will reply, we have even emailed, [email protected], "the boss". No replies, they just don't care. They seem to know they are a big business and we can do very little about it being on the other side of the world. 

 Have we lost our money cold to Lufthansa or is there something we can do?


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If your request was so time critical, why didn't you just pick up the phone and call Lufthansa? Everybody knows that airlines don't respond to emails right away, that's why you call, which it sounds like you still haven't done?


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As deanr has asked, why didn't you call? I couldn't imagine sitting on my hands waiting for an email up until the moment of the originally scheduled flight.

Secondly you said it was your understanding the flights could be changed and refunded. What are the actual conditions on the fare bucket you purchased? Your "understanding" and reality may be completely different.


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Simple answer: yes you have lost your money because of your own fault. Should you read the fare rule carefully or contact them immediately by calling them after the refund intead of sitting and emailing, this tragedy wouldn’t happen at all.

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Lufthansa are an incredible airline and I doubt they'd just make their own rules just to spite you


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Did you buy P class tickets? They are the cheapest business class fares.Even though they are Business only the taxes are refundable. I found that out the hard way. I just accepted it and took the taxes.

Unfortunately if that is the case there isn’t much you can do. I find Lufthansa a great airline to fly. Not the most luxurious but do the job well and would be surprised if they just took your money that wasnt in line with the fare rules that were disclosed at purchase.


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wilso1 isn't saying that Lufthansa allege the fares were totally nonrefundable, he's saying LH won't refund because the tickets were partially used. So the real question is, was LED-MUC part of a larger booking (e.g. SYD-SVO-LED-MUC or even just SVO-LED-MUC) or was it a standalone booking? It's easier to understand why no refund if part of an already commenced journey. If it was a standalone booking then the next question is, what were the terms of that particular booking? Anyway, let's all not be so quick to call him out for not doing what some of us might have done. It's the facts that count, not our personal opinions. Maybe LH did get it wrong, it's been known to happen even if they are "incredible".


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Lufthansa are horrible in at least 2 experiences I have had with them. Even when they alone, are the only cause of the problem. They just refuse to do what they're supposed to do.

I suggest you try a credit card chargeback.

My sympathies are with you.
btw I do hope you checked the terms and conditions when you purchased the tickets, to ensure you could cancel.

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