Points and SC's on a no show

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OK, here is the synopsis - ill apologise now for the "First world problem" I'm moaning about....

I booked a few months ago under the last double SC's promotion on QF a couple of business discount seats for myself and the girlfriend (I'm a P1, shes a Plat, but ive booked and paid for both of us) to Bali in September.....return that will be about 26K points and 240 SC's each, with the DSC's that's 480 SC's each for the trip....not a bad earner

We now cant make this trip - I'm overseas on a business trip and potentially now is she... as it was a discount business, the refund is basically nill, not to mention its not transferable....them's the breaks....even the change fee each is $600, plus at this stage unlikely to be discount J seats left on this route later this year even if we wanted to move the dates - I know, I know....oh the humanity....

I think from memory it cost about $1500 each for the tickets, they were pretty cheap....

My point, is even if we are a no show rather than cancel (either way does not matter to us), why should I not get the points and SC's given I have paid for the seats..... yes, yes I know they are there to reward travel and loyalty, etc, etc - but I'm already way too loyal to QF, I do mind numbing amounts of travel to mostly to quite remote places.....

The 960 SC's will push me well back into P1 for another year and my GF back into Plat, before our FF anniversaries in October...



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If you don’t fly you don’t earn points or SC. Cancel the trip for a refund and book a new trip under the current DSC promotion.

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Pretty binary on this one. No fly, no points, irrespective of whether you cancel or no show you will not get your points or SC's. I have had (some) success in the past actually getting on the phone to the Customer Service Team and pleading my case to move flights when there have been extenuating circumstances (including waiving all change fees on one occasion when a family members illness meant I had to move flights) but I think that’s the luck of the draw in terms of who you get through to. Given what you've outlined above I suspect thats probably not an option, especially as it appears you just want to effectively cancel them. I'd follow mviy's advice above.

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Its a frequent flyer program not a frequent booker program... Thems the T&Cs

John Phelan

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Do you get the points? No. Should you get the points seeing you've paid for them? Different question. Morally the answer would be yes - but that's not how it works. I guess the airlines fear they'll end up flying a significant number of empty seats when there are things like the DSC promotion on......


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Should have gotten travel insurance? The policies I've had have always covered the rescinding of leave by an employer.


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yea I know the rules, my point is more the idea of the following

I have effectively paid for the points and SC's by paying for the ticket, every time I book a flight, no matter what fare, class, cost, be it personal or work etc - its my intention to travel - and I would never entertain the status run idea...

SC's are a reward for loyalty, and points a reward for the miles traveled, I understand that - but I have paid for both, just like you don't get either with a reward booking -

I get the airlines want you on the plane, etc - but in this case, it will cost the airline less not to have me onboard, no weight, baggage, consumption of food, alcohol, etc - and they get paid anyway, plus not shelling out for the points of SC's in the process, which is a component of EVERY ticket, no matter if you claim them or not

Michael Kao

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I understand your logic. But you gotta look at it from the airlines' point of view.

Airlines tend to charge more for direct flights than transits because people are willing to pay just for the convenience. Therefore for the competing airlines that can't offer direct service they'll need to lower the price up attract people. But as a side effect of that is that you ended up earning more sc and miles cuz you fly more, but it was never intended that way for the airline.

The other loophole is that depending on the market and relatively how affluent the country is, airline ticket cost differently for the same route but opposite direction. Eg. SYD-CMB rt will cost more (2-3x!) than CMB-SYD rt simply because the average income in Sri Lanka is much lower than Australia. But the sc and mile earn would be identical assuming the class of travel is the same.

The airline can't stop you from getting your bum on the seats to take advantage of these loopholes but it is quite inconvenient for most of us to actually spend hours on the plane or trying to reposition to Sri Lanka. Therefore airlines use that inconvenience to their favor by not accrediting sc or miles if you don't fly.


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Some small parts of your last paragraph are a bit on the fallacious side, I'm afraid. If you and your partner do a 'no-show', sure - QF will benefit from the lack of passenger weight and passenger baggage weight.

However, you forget that they have to provision (what will become) unconsumed food for both of you - which will have to be 'binned' at your destination arrival point. And whilst you mightn't be consuming alcohol on the flight, all opened bottles also need to be binned as well due to Customs requirements.

As suggested upthread, the better course may be to cancel the booking(s) and apply whatever meagre amount of refund towards another trip. As a 'no-show', you'll get nothing back.


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Hard to see how unconsumed food or drink is a greater cost to the airline than consumed food and drink. Either way, OP has paid for it.

Also, QF may be able to sell the seats to staff or other standby customers, or refrain from bumping if the flight was overbooked.

It would very likely fail, and youll need to speak to a supervisor, but I'd call up and offer to cancel today (with no refund), if they agree to give you points and SC. That way they can resell the seat immediately rather than merely an hour before the flight departs.


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If you no-show you are effectively cancelling your flights.

The idea behind the Frequent Flyer is just that, Flyer, not Buyer.

i think you should have to fly to get the points and status credits - end of story.


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^Pretty simplistic view. You can earn hundreds of thousands of 'frequent flyer' points despite never buying an ticket, nevermind setting foot on a plane.

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