Aldi noise-cancelling heaphones, travelling powerboard on sale Nov10

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Aldi is pretty well known for value, my husband's mates who are 'into' tech often say how good the Aldi products are, especially for the price. Oh and their Nespresso-style coffee machine is great, too! Anyway Aldi has two great travel products on sale this Saturday November 10 which I wanted to share with everyone. These are active noise-cancelling headphones, with a rechargeable battery, for $39! This is a Universal Travel Adaptor Kit, a travelling 'powerboard' with two AU sockets and four USB sockets plus the correct AC plugs for Australia, the USA, the UK and Europe, for $19.


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Aldi products can be remarkably good value-for-money. I bought $500 worth of ski gear a couple of years ago which would have cost $2000 anywhere else and their luggage generally costs about a third of what it would cost elsewhere. Sometimes -- not always -- the quality is a little lower than elsewhere, but at that price you can't go wrong: even if they last a year or two less, you're still coming out ahead financially.

As an audiophile, I'd baulk at $39 headphones, though. Even if they're the same quality as, say, $150 headphones elsewhere I'd be gobsmacked if they're audiophile-quality. But they look like great value if you don't care too much about sound quality and/or you're only going to be using them occasionally.


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Bought one of the aldi powerboards a few years back, proved very handy, although USB outlets on mine aren't particularly high powered. Hopefully the current one is beefed up a bit.



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I had the Aldi power board , it actually over heated while in America on one trip. The wires were hanging out from the socket. I wouldn't recommend buy one.


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Yeah, they used to be 1A which is fine for low-power devices like Kindles or noise-cancelling headphones or smaller smartphones, but too modest for today’s larger-screen smartphones.

As to Aldi value - I’m quite the convert to some Aldi red wines and Champagnes, at ~$15 and ~$20 respectively they are great go-to’s for everyday no-celebration-needed sipping!


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Thanks for this, we no longer get the brochures.


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:) :) :)


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I want a plastic card!

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