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The current standoff between the Premiers of QLD and NSW is doing little to help the tourism industry nor those of us who love to travel.

If state borders are to remain closed is there another?

QLD population approx 5 mil

NZ population approx 4.8 mil

QLD total Covid cases 1060

NZ total Covid cases 1500

QLD active cases 12

NZ active cases 28

QLD current hospital cases 5

NZ current hospital cases 1

Above numbers are approx but close enough for this.

So QLD and NZ are roughly equal on population and success at containing Covid.

Both are in need of stimulating their economies.

Can you guess where this is going?

Open the border between QLD an NZ. Allow business and tourist travel between the two and maybe we can both benefit from having done so well at containing Covid 19.


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I won't hold my breath, the morons who run Qld won't even allow intrastate travel, just blatant stupidity that the people of Nth Qld can't even travel around their own region and not one active case for weeks.


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The town of Tweed Heads/Coolangatta is cut in half by the NSW/QLD border. They are essentially the same town. Which is why the State border closure is so idiotic.

As for the idea floated, QLD has no say on reopening to NZ - that is for the Federal Government (though presumably QLD can impose extra restrictions on international travellers that arrive at QLD airports).


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Community transmission of COVID-19 (as opposed to returned travellers in quarantine) in Victoria is incredibly close to zero (at most, a few new cases every day). In NSW it's even lower. Everywhere else in Australia it's non-existent.

Even if the other states wait for community transmission in NSW and Vic to reduce to zero, I simply don't understand why QLD, TAS, NT, WA and SA don't at least open their borders to each other. In fact it seems so totally irrational that I must be missing something. But what am I missing?


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Gladys' border war doesn't actually have much to do with travel. It's a political ploy to make the premiers of labour states look like they don't know what they're doing. There's a qld election this year so she's just laying the boot after after the liberals have managed the virus pretty well (I hate saying that!). She's also trying to show that the qld government isn't managing it well, despite all states actually managing the whole thing well. I don't like Gladys but she's very clever politically, she's made an issue where there isn't one!


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What's wrong with Nsw people holidaying in nsw and qld people holidaying in qld for a few more months? it's the same number of tourists and same number of destinations

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