How to switch off Virgin Australia's 'pay with points' at BP

By Chris C., July 15 2016
How to switch off Virgin Australia's 'pay with points' at BP

Virgin Australia’s Velocity Frequent Flyer members can now use their hard-earned Velocity points to buy fuel and other items like drinks and snacks at participating BP service stations – and that’s a great option to have if your points balance is low or you aren’t planning to take a trip.

Yet for savvy travellers who earmark their frequent flyer points for actual flights, being asked if you want to spend your points every time you earn more can quickly become irritating: that’s why Virgin Australia has designed a way for high flyers to skip the prompts and be on their way.

By opting-out, you’ll continue to earn points on fuel and other purchases at BP – you just won’t be asked to redeem those points every time you fill up.

How to disable Velocity ‘pay with points’ at BP

Start by visiting the Velocity Frequent Flyer website, log in to your Velocity account and click the ‘pay with points in-store’ option from the menu on the left:

Then, if you’ve previously created a four-digit Velocity PIN, scroll down and click on the ‘deactivate here’ link:

If you haven’t yet set a PIN, you’ll be prompted to do so on this screen. While you won’t be asked to use points at BP until a PIN has been set, we’d still suggest creating one to help secure your account, after which you can opt-out from burning points at BP.

Assuming your account is already PIN-enabled, it’s as easy as clicking the ‘proceed’ button after following that link…

… and after a short pause, your request will be confirmed and you’ll no longer be prompted to spend points at BP:

AusBT tip: Consider paying for your BP purchases using a points-earning credit card to double-dip on Velocity points: once from BP and again from your card.

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Chris C.

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04 May 2015

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Nice tip, will do the opt-out thing. I've bought fuel a couple of times since this started and the BP staff seemed surprised I didn't want free fuel using my points. Would rather fly in business class!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

07 Feb 2015

Total posts 154

Great tip! I was at BP station and the staff behind the counter looked quite annoyed that they now had to ask even more questions when getting payment done. I will definitely turn it off too so they don't deduct my points by mistake. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

22 Apr 2013

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THANK YOU! Opting out.... terrible way to burn points. 

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 Jun 2014

Total posts 256

Done and done. I don't see the monetary value for Fuel and points at this moment..

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

13 Jan 2015

Total posts 596

This is like buying a ticket with a low cost airline with all the options selected by me the shits

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Nov 2015

Total posts 20

Yep, have opted out of pay option....a fools folly unless you never fly.

I Swipe Velocity for points on fuel... and then pay on Qantas cashcard for points earn for alternate loyalty.

Not too bad overall....

Be nice to see Qantas do a deal with 7/Eleven or United.... rather pay better price on fuel... and be able to reverse the swipe plan, Swipe QF for fuel points and pay on Velocity Cashcard for alternate loyalypoints.


Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

18 Jan 2017

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Excellent article, thank you.

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