London's Heathrow Airport is now selling Fast Track security access

By David Flynn, August 2 2018
London's Heathrow Airport is now selling Fast Track security access

Heathrow Airport is now selling access to its Fast Track security lane, with passengers asked to stump up  £12.50 (A$22) each in their effort to jump the queue.

Available to outbound travellers at all four of Heathrow's terminals, the Fast Track path is normally reserved for business class and first class passengers and top-tier frequent flyers.

However, Heathrow Airport has opened up the program to any traveller provided they pre-book their spot.

That booking "must be made no later than two days before travel" and includes nominating "a time slot approximately two hours before your flight is scheduled to depart."

Confirmation is sent via email, which is presented along with your boarding pass at the Fast Track desk.

British Airways passengers headed out from Terminal 5 are advised to use the North Security area, which is closest to the Heathrow Express and Tube exits.

That said, BA's first class flyers, Executive Club Gold and Oneworld Emerald passengers (including Qantas Platinum and Platinum One card-holders) enjoy their own 'fast track' straight from the terminal to the lounge in the form of BA's First Wing.

The only issue with paying for Fast Track access is that, as regular travellers will attest, it's not always that fast to begin with...


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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Nov 2016

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'Heathrow' and 'Fast' really do not belong in the same sentence!

04 May 2018

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It maybe the slowest lane. When you actually get to security you will see some lanes have less pax.

Its usually the left (northern) lanes and somtimes only one lane so depends on decisions at the time.
May improve if they get good ancillary income 'though doubt it since HAL don't get the lifts or clocks to work properly!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 Jul 2015

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Money grab. I'm usually on QF2 or occasionally CX via T3 and security is not too bad. $22 not well spent to be honest. However T5 can be a real scrum so more justifiable.


30 Jul 2015

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Heathrow was either the first or one of the first airports to have this going back as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, a HUGE number of premium passengers funnel through this airport so it has obviously created a problem over time.

With that said, safety comes first and if it takes a long time, so be it. Better than another Pan Am 103 situation.

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